Jewelry Has Legs – A Ring Lost in 1988 Reappears in 2015


Where’d you put that class ring again? Unless you’re as lucky as this San Diego resident, you may want to double check.

It was 1988 in San Diego when Kelley Kerscher played in her high school’s annual, all-girls football game. This is an annual tradition at Poway High School. Kelley arrived at the field, set down her belongings and asked a friend to hold onto her class ring during the game. Unfortunately, that friend was an enthusiastic supporter of her classmates. As she rooted Kelley on, the class ring fell out of her pocket and was lost. If only pockets made in the 80s were as substantial as the shoulder pads…

Today, Kelly says, “I was devastated. [A class ring] was a big deal at 16.” Her family even went so far as to rent metal detectors and search the field. No luck. Class rings have their detractors, but they certainly have their value. It’s a reminder of the stresses and successes of academic life; the times you had and the friends you made. And upon seeing your alma mater’s ring on the hand of a stranger an automatic connection is recognized. Like a university sweatshirt or hat, a ring is a wearable bumper sticker.

Fast forward to 2015 when another Poway High School alum, Tony Eisenhower, is out on the same field spending time on his hobby, metal detecting no less. He finds the class ring and gets in touch with the President of the school’s Alumni Association, Larry Ott. Tony and Larry knew it was a woman’s ring from the class of 1988 and that the ring’s inscription “KLC” probably signified the owners’ initials. In the school museum (Yes, Poway High School has a museum.) Tony found the yearbook from 1988 and it revealed that four women from the 1988 class had the initials KC. One of those four women had a mutual Facebook friend with Larry. Kelley Kerscher was that woman.

With exceptional school spirit, Tony declined Kelley’s offer for a reward and their remarkable story was reported by Pomerado News.

ZYDO believes that all types of jewelry have the power to represent sentimental value that will always be special to the wearer. Whether it’s fine jewelry or a class ring, our emotional ties with symbolic pieces can be very powerful. Heartwarming stories like this are wonderful reminders of the memories that our favorite rings, earrings, necklaces and even bracelets can hold for us.

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