Rose Gold Jewelry a Big Fashion Trend as Summer 2015

Summertime has come once more and this year the styles are as hot as the weather. It’s a wonderful time of year to star watch as celebrities create new trends to combat the heat. This season has once again pushed cool, crisp fabrics to the forefront. But who didn’t see this coming? The summer fashion trend that we think deserves headline attention has a special place in our fine jewelry loving hearts. Rose gold is on fire once again and the temperature seems to be rising.

Rose gold continues to grow in popularity as more and more fashionistas catch on to its complementary properties. This fantastic color doesn’t care if you’re a ‘Siver Person’ or a ‘Gold Person’. It cooperates with nearly every skin tone. Rose gold even gets along with other metals.

So just what exactly gives rose gold its unique blush tone? A hint of copper mixes in with gold to create this wonderful alloy. Despite being mixed with a less expensive metal, it is still just as valuable as pure gold due to the rarity of the compound.

This agreeable alloy looks great when paired with yellow and white gold jewelry. It looks great when worn with soft pastels and neutral color themes. When you choose to wear rose gold jewelry you will enjoy a new sense of freedom as it can add a finished touch to nearly any style.

I love this 18kt rose gold ring that showcases 0.76cts of sparkling round diamonds and a custom cut pink opal, weighing 0.97cts. Featuring a unique and striking design, it is also available in white and yellow gold. And, just like all of the fine jewelry in our collection, this ring was handcrafted in Italy by ZYDO.

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David Neelreply
July 23, 2015 at 6:36 am

These jewelry designs are so attractive, I also want to add that native American traditional designs are so appreciable when it comes with these types of jewels.

March 18, 2016 at 8:30 am

The first picture of the diamond ring is really quite stunning. It is big round and quite good to look. I have kept the idea in my mind.

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