Ruby Jewelry – The Emotional Story of a Crimson Gemstone

In the world of fine jewelry four precious stones reign supreme. These are diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby. Each of these gemstones holds a special place in our heart, but ruby is July’s birthstone so let’s show it some love.


Rubies are perhaps best known for their brilliant red color. According to color theory, red reminds us of the color of fire and blood, so it has become a representation of energy and war, as well as danger, strength, power and determination. Red also has a strong connection with passion, desire, and love.[1] Perhaps this is why Italian jewelry designers have been so attracted to the gem for such a long time.

Besides having a very emotional aesthetic, ruby is also an incredibly strong stone. In fact, it’s the third strongest stone in the world. Registering a 9.0 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, these beauties are a jeweler’s dream.


For example, this 18kt rose gold bracelet showcases 103.75cts of lavish round and oval cabochon rubies that make it a show stopping piece. Combine those with 2.00cts of sparkling rose cut diamonds and you have a treasure fit for the ZYDO Woman. The superior Italian craftsmanship is evident as every little detail is handmade to accommodate the different stones and to retain great flexibility.

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[1] Color Theory courtesy of  The Color Wheel Pro

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