3 Supercharged Sapphire Ring Designs for September Babies


Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that has been a favorite among Italian fine jewelry designers for centuries. It is well known for being the luxurious, blue birthstone of September, but this jeweler’s dream has more going on than meets the eye. Did you know that the color of the sapphires in your favorite jewelry is actually determined by its supercharged ability to absorb different energies?

That’s right! The blue color in sapphires results from an electron transferring between metals, which creates an electromagnetic charge. This charge absorbs wavelengths that produce yellow light. When yellow light is removed from incident white light, the blue wavelengths are left to shine brilliantly. Due to their energetic nature, sapphires with fewer impurities will have more vivid hues of blue, which ultimately increases their aesthetic appeal and value.

Now that you’re ready to shop for sapphire jewelry, here are 3 gorgeous, Italian ring designs that demonstrate different styles in which the gemstone may be worn.

Italian fine jewelry white gold ring with opal and blue sapphires

This colorful 18kt white gold ring showcases a round cabochon opal weighing 5.16cts surrounded by 6.79cts of vivid rose cut blue sapphires, for an overall flower-like design. Here the sapphires are used to create a floral effect while complementing the opal center.

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 Italian fine jewelry, white gold ring with diamonds and blue sapphires

Sapphires may also be used as the predominant jewel in charming and stylish pieces of fine jewelry. For example, this stunning 18kt white gold ring showcases 8.25cts of gorgeous blue sapphires along with an accentuating 0.31cts of dazzling round diamonds. Italian rings featuring this style of faceted sapphires are the perfect accessories to your favorite blue dress.

 White gold ring with blue sapphire and white diamonds

We believe that the largest and most vivid blue sapphires deserve to be showcased in a manner fit for the ZYDO Woman. That’s why we have placed a 5.07ct blue sapphire in the center of this mesmerizing white gold ring and surrounded her with a 3.72ct bed of multi-layered, luxurious diamonds.

The resulting effect is a unique ring that captivates attention more effectively than intervalence charge transfers capture yellow light…. Boom. Science drop.


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