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Seven Amazing Healing Stones That Will Make You More Radiant

For centuries, humans have looked at Nature as a source of healing and energy. Elements from Nature hold powerful properties that can help us live a healthier and happier life.

Healing stones are a well-known source of natural relief for physical and emotional ailments. Picking the right gem can give strength and vitality to the wearer, while keeping body maladies at bay.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should ditch modern medicine to use healing stones as the sole treatment of any illness or discomfort you have. Instead, let the right combination of both elements guide you towards a speedy recovery.

Wearing these stones in jewelry or keeping them in sight can boost your spirits and keep you balanced. We can all use a bit of balance in our lives, so we might as well make it beautiful, right?

Today, we’ll tell you all about our favorite healing stones, where they help the most and how to use them to bring out the best in you!

But first, gold also has its own share of healing energy, especially if you wear the right type for you. Find yours here, and bring out your inner glow.

1) Rose Quartz

Let’s start with a favorite of the gemology world: the rose quartz.

What makes this stone the number one reference in crystal healing? Because it focuses in all forms of love: relationship love, friendship love, self-love, family love, etc. If you struggle in any of these areas, a rose quartz can heal any issue that’s keeping you away from the love you deserve to have.

Because of this, rose quartz is associated with your heart. Wearing a jewelry piece with this stone can fill you with loving energy. For that, this cocktail ring is a gorgeous and glamorous way to do it.

A rose gold cocktail ring with diamonds and rose quartz from ZYDO

Part of the Allure collection, this rose gold ring features 1.61cts of sparkling white round diamonds on top of a custom cut rose quartz, measuring 25.30cts. You can watch the stone shine out from the flower-shaped cut out designs, giving an air of sweetness and delicacy.

2) Topaz

The second gemstone in our list is another favorite of healers and jewelers around the world.

Depending on its color, topaz gemstones have different healing properties. The most valued type is the one called Imperial topaz. It’s a golden toned variety, believed to give the power to create and manifest one’s innermost desires. Pink topaz is also popular, to mend a broken heart and help us move on, while purple topaz can strengthen our spirituality.

Blue topaz is connected to an energy of wisdom, peacefulness and confidence in communication. It can give you the push you need to speak out your thoughts and ideas.

On the day of that big board meeting or family reunion, use this beautiful cocktail ring for an extra boost of assertiveness.

A white gold cocktail ring with diamonds and blue topaz from ZYDO

This dramatic white gold cocktail ring features a stunning custom cut blue topaz, weighing 74.15cts. It’s accompanied by 0.48cts of dazzling diamonds, surrounding the topaz ring. We suggest making this ring the main accessory in your outfit, to keep your look simple but showstopping.

3) Citrine

Thinking about increasing your wealth? A citrine stone can be the missing link between you and the financial life you want.

This gemstone is believed to help with attracting and keeping financial wealth. If you work in sales or any profession that involves money, you must add a citrine stone to your outfit, or keep it in your workplace. It also stimulates generosity with others, so it can drive you to share your good fortune and multiply it!

Citrine is connected to the solar plexus (just above your stomach), so it can also help you with issues related to fatigue and digestion.

If you’re looking to bring in more abundance into your life, you need to add this cocktail ring to your hands.

A rose gold ring with diamonds, sapphires and a citrine from ZYDO

This charming ring is made from 18kt rose gold, but that’s not the only thing that gives it a feminine touch. It also features 2.2cts of round pink sapphires along with 0.06cts of round diamonds. The star of this ring, however, is the custom cut citrine peeking from under the petal shaped cutouts of the ring. Weighing 29.88cts, it shows us that the best things in life shine from within.

4) Amethyst

If you need help with taming your emotions, amethysts can help you to keep them in check.

A powerful stone, amethysts protect our emotions and thoughts, when going through difficult times. If you feel overwhelmed by life’s stresses, trapped in a cycle of negative emotions or grieving a loss, this stone can bring a soothing feeling. It can also give you the push towards getting external help, if needed.

Spiritually, it’s connected to the sixth and seventh Chakras, located in the third eye and the crown of your head respectively. Both of them focus on bringing awareness to the world around us and to our own inner thoughts. They also reduce tensions that could lead to migraines and chronic pain.

Being a stone that’s closely connected to your head, you need to keep its energies closer to it, and these butterfly earrings are perfect for that.

A pair of diamond earrings with sapphires and amethysts from ZYDO

These dangle earrings are meant to brighten your outfit and give it a feminine touch. They feature 0.70cts of dazzling diamonds along with 1.04cts of blue and pink sapphires and 0.26cts of vibrant amethysts, which truly stand out at the top of the butterfly’s wings.

5) Emerald

For our next favorite healing stone, we have one that’s perfect to help us feel young again.

Youth is about many more things than avoiding a few wrinkles here and there. It’s about having the physical stamina to keep up with our hectic lives without feeling drained. It’s also about staying hopeful, connected with who we really are and grateful for everything we have. Emerald stones can help you keep these positive feelings going in your life.

Physically, emeralds are connected to the heart chakra, and can also aid in the treatment of torso-related ailments such as heart, lungs, and liver issues.

To evoke those feelings of vitality and hope, feel inspired by this gorgeous ring.

A yellow gold ring with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds from ZYDO

Part of the Dome collection, this yellow gold ring features 0.32cts of round diamonds and 6.06cts of yellow sapphires. Sprinkled among them, you’ll find 1.73cts of cabochon emeralds, making the ring more lively and rich.

6) Rubies

Reignite the fire within you, and connect with your innermost passions with rubies.

This gemstone is all about bringing back your passion, not only in your love life, but in all other areas as well. If you’re feeling uninspired by a project or a dream, a ruby stone can light the spark you need to go relentlessly towards them. It’s connected to the base Chakra, which is located in your spine and it’s considered as the center of energy of your body.

Your beautiful wrists deserve to show off jewelry that makes you feel like the super heroine that you are. This stunning rose gold stretch bracelet will do the trick.

 A gold bracelet with diamonds and rubies from ZYDO

The main feature of this stretch bracelet, that gives it its fiery aura, are the 12.22cts of beautiful rubies. They’re accompanied by 0.78cts of sparkling round diamonds, giving the bracelet a colorful and eye-catching look.

7) Sapphires

The final entry of our list has been linked to royalty and divinity for centuries.

Considered as the gemstone of kings, sapphires are associated with wisdom to thrive in all areas of our lives. Depending on the stone’s color, its healing property varies: pink sapphires help with resilience, green sapphires can sharpen your integrity and orange sapphires can breed creativity.

But the most powerful type of sapphires are the blue ones. This particular gemstone reminds you to stay close to your own path, and disciplined towards the pursuit of your goals. To not let others sway you away from what you truly want, and feel empowered to work towards it.

Stay connected to your inner strength with this unique white gold ring.

 A white gold ring with diamonds and a blue sapphire from ZYDO

Part of the Luminal collection, this impressive 18kt white gold ring is a must-have accessory for a fancy night out. It features an oval cut blue sapphire, weighing 5.07cts, which is surrounded by 3.72cts of round diamonds. With a multilayered pattern, even the diamonds seem to be mesmerized by the blue sapphire, just like everyone else will be.

Looking good and feeling good are tied together, and if these stunning pieces can help you get where you want to be, then all the better! Get more shiny inspiration from our Jewelry category.

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