Opal,Gem of the Month


October’s Gem of the Month is one of the most admired and coveted gems in the world: the opal. This gem has fascinated many cultures for centuries, and still steals the spotlight today. An opal gem gives your outfit a regal touch and sets you apart from the crowd.

The stunning colorful structure of opals is a result of their chemical structure. Opals are hydrated silicon dioxide, and each gem may contain up to 20% water by weight trapped in its silica structure. The silica particles are deposited in the fissures of almost any rock, and the way they form is particular to each opal gem, meaning that no two opals are alike. The color of the stone shifts when the opal is moved, making it a very versatile gem.

A Subject of Legends

From its first sighting, the opal was dubbed the “Queen of Gems”, since its unique surface can have the colors of many other gems. For the Romans, it was a symbol of love and hope; according to the Greeks, it gave the gift of clairvoyance; and in the Middle Ages, opals were considered a lucky charm. After a short dip in popularity the 1800s, Queen Victoria of England brought the gem back by wearing a variety of gorgeous opals throughout her long-lasting reign.

Feel like a Queen with the Queen of Gems

These three pieces featuring opal gems will help brighten your October wardrobe:

Hello, Sunshine!

White gold ring with opal and yellow sapphires
White gold ring with opal and yellow sapphires

Missing the sun on a rainy fall day? Carry it with you! The star of this gorgeous 18kt white gold ring is a pear-shaped cabochon opal weighing 4.59cts. It is surrounded by 8.32cts of rose-cut yellow sapphires. Make sure you go for a fall appropriate manicure before wearing this ring, because all eyes will be on your hands.

Glowing Pink

Gold pendant with diamonds and pink opal
Gold pendant with diamonds and pink opal

For a daytime look, get your hands on this stunning pendant. Made from 18kt rose gold, it showcases 0.29cts of round diamonds and a custom-cut, 1.82cts pink opal. The diamond shape of the pendant gives it a more modern, business-ready design.

A Colorful Mix

Gold ring with diamonds and semi-precious gems
Gold ring with diamonds and semi-precious gems

Why choose just one gem when you can wear five? This 18kt white gold ring showcases five of the most popular gems in one piece. It features custom-cut pink opal, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, and citrine, weighing 3.18cts. The gems are surrounded by 1.29cts of sparkling diamonds, enhancing their amazing colors. Wear this ring to a weekend getaway and bring some color into your life.

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