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Six Trendy Jewelry Pieces for Spring 2017

The thermometer is finally rising, and it’s time to transition your wardrobe from the coldest months towards the beautiful springtime. As you stash away your warmer coats and snow-friendly boots, you’re thinking of injecting a little freshness into your spring outfits. After all, spring is all about new beginnings, right? We’re here to help you, with a little aid from Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017.

Pantone’s report for spring 2017 features ten bright colors, making us long for blooming flowers and stunning gardens getting their groove back after a long winter. One of them is Greenery, 2017’s Color of the Year, which has already inspired us with green sapphires and bright emeralds. This time, we’ll focus on six other amazing tones: a sparkling yellow to a loud pink, a fiery orange, a confident blue, a tasty green, and a relaxing pink shade.

All of them are ready to add plenty of energy to your stunning outfits, no matter what is on your schedule for the day.

A Blushing Pink Pendant

gold pendant diamonds opal pink jewelry jewels ZYDO made in Italy
Gold Pendant with Diamonds and Pink Opal

The first shade to enter our list is called Pale Dogwood, evoking the beautiful flowers which bloom out of the dogwood plant this time of the year. A subtle shade of pink, it reminds of first loves and gives a relaxing, pure aura to brighten your complexion.

If you want a subtle touch of spring in your wardrobe, this gold pendant is right for you. This 18kt rose gold pendant features 0.29cts of sparkling round diamonds and a custom cut 1.82cts pink opal, peeking out of the pendant. Wear it over your favorite springtime sweater, for a cooler day out looking for blooming flowers.

Yellow Sapphires for Brighter Mornings

white yellow gold ring diamonds emerald cut yellow sapphires jewelry jewels ZYDO made in Italy
White and Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds and Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphires

Slowly, but surely, your days are getting a little longer every day, which means more play time in the sun. Besides getting your healthy dose of Vitamin D, it also gives you an extra zap of energy to tackle your days. Primrose Yellow, the second shade for spring, also makes you long for the joy of Spring Break and look forward to a sizzling summer.

Carry the sun with you with this white and yellow gold ring from the Blooming collection. It features 2.51cts of golden emerald cut yellow sapphires, along with 0.21cts of round diamonds. It may not give you Vitamin D, but we can guarantee it’ll lift your mood during those long meetings at work.

Royal Blue Sapphires

white gold dangle earrings diamonds blue sapphires jewelry jewels ZYDO made in Italy
White Gold Dangle Earrings with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires

Since ancient times, Lapis Lazuli has been one of the favorite gemstones of mankind, as a symbol of wisdom and confidence. Royals have adorned themselves in lapis pieces and even King Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus prominently featured the stone. Lapis Blue resolves to evoke these feelings of strength and regality.

If you have a special spring night coming up, feel like a queen with these white gold dangle earrings. Made from 18kt white gold, this gorgeous pair features 1.41cts of blue sapphires and 0.30cts of round diamonds. Part of our Primavera collection, these gems are set in a flower design, which is perfect for the season. After all, Primavera is Italian for Spring!

A Bracelet with Fiery Orange Sapphires

rose gold bracelet diamonds orange sapphires jewelry jewels ZYDO made in Italy
Stretch Rose Gold Bracelet with Diamonds and Orange Sapphires

Flame, this striking red-based orange, is an attention-grabber shade. You can’t go unnoticed by wearing any kind of accessory featuring this color. If you want a fun, vivacious tone to stand out from the neutral toned crowd, this is the one for you!

Match your fiery spring style with this exquisite rose gold bracelet. It features 13.67cts of beautiful orange sapphires, along with 0.79cts of round diamonds. Built with sturdy and durable springs, it’s the ultimate companion for your jam-packed spring days.

A Lively Rose Gold Ring

rose gold ring diamonds emerald cut pink sapphires jewelry jewels ZYDO made in Italy
Rose Gold Flexible Ring with Diamonds and Emerald Cut Pink Sapphires

The flowers from the yarrow plant bring an explosion of colors to your gardens during spring. They bloom in diverse shades of pink and white, depending on the subspecies, and give us the strongest indication that springtime has arrived. Thus, Pink Yarrow is described as a festive tone, hard to miss, and captivating.

You’ll catch everyone’s attention with this beautiful 18kt rose gold ring. It features 7.40cts of exquisite emerald cut pink sapphires, alternating with 1.03cts of round diamonds for an amazing effect. A comfortable piece to wear all day long, it’s perfect to bring a feminine touch to busy days.

A Delicious Feast of Green Sapphires

yellow gold ring sapphires diamonds jewelry jewels ZYDO made in Italy
Yellow Gold Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds

It’s so much easier to enjoy the great outdoors, or at least the beautiful parks of your city, during springtime. Walking through them is relaxing and helps you to tone up for the Summer months. For that purpose, Kale is your great ally, helping you to get there from the inside. This lush shade of green is much more than a background color. It can become a star on its own with the right companions.

Take for example this unforgettable 18kt yellow gold ring. It features 12.03cts of multicolored sapphires with green cabochon gems stealing your attention right away. But, if you look closely, you can also find smaller round and yellow sapphires mingling with 0.31cts of round diamonds. Together they make a stunning combo which is a feast for your eyes.


What is your favorite Spring-inspired piece? Visit us at www.zydo.com and shop for more pieces to start the new season in style.

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