A few special Valentine’s day jewelry and gift ideas for her

It seems like every year February comes around leaving many men scrambling for the perfect gift idea for the special women in their lives. Something elegant but still unique. Something exclusive, yet exceptional. This year, ZYDO has the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you, and ultimately for her.

Forget about trends this year and go for timeless

The nature of Valentine’s Day has evolved tremendously in its time. Stemming from a story of a prosecuted martyr and a hand written note, the romantic theme of this holiday is a considerably recent development. Unfortunately, the surviving tradition of sending a personal message has nearly been lost in the noise caused by greeting card companies. Our advice is to select the finer elements that have developed along the way and blend them together with your own unique touch.

Start with a hand written note to show her you care

We believe the best Valentine gift ideas for her will start with a handmade card this year. To find some inspiration check out the card design ideas board that we put together on Pinterest. Taking the time to craft your own personal message is one of the best ways to add that special touch.



Find flowers and food that are fit for her taste

Before you buy those roses or make any restaurant reservations, do some research to make sure everything will be perfect. Try to determine which style fits your Valentine best. A classic date might fancy a dozen roses and a seven-course meal atop the Symphony Tower in San Diego. On the other hand, a date with someone with a contemporary lifestyle might favor a bouquet of exotic flowers and a meal inside a refurbished speak easy with a Chef renowned for pushing culinary bounds. Once again, a little extra time in making these choices will go a long way.

Finish with a touch of luxurious jewelry and Prosecco

Investing so much of your time and effort in creating the perfect Valentine’s Day is sure to get her attention. So, why not finish it with a gift that will impress her all year? If you’re hoping to find the perfect Valentine’s jewelry to complete the day, it might be a good idea to go for an exquisite pair of Italian earrings by ZYDO. We have a variety available in our collection, Unique, which results from the perfect balance between modern design and flawless craftsmanship of diamond jewelry. And by the way – all of these glimmering gifts are guaranteed to pair beautifully with a glass of sparkling Prosecco.


Match her unparalleled elegance this Valentine’s Day

Our selection of unique fine jewelry is both beautiful and timeless. Each piece is crafted with exceptionally superior quality that translates to a comfort only known to the ZYDO woman. Deep in the heart of Valenza, our skilled Italian jewelry designers leverage their superior creativity, taste and inspiration to design sensational custom jewelry. This fabulous creation will be an embodiment of her exquisite beauty and everlasting reverence.

This year you can enjoy an impressive discount on all of our new additions to the ZYDO Outlet. We have recently added new fine jewelry in celebration of Valentine’s Day. All items in this section of the shop will be available for 30% off.




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