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Spring 2016 is officially here and we could not be more excited for the season’s return. This year, the weather has been warming up slowly, bringing a variety of enjoyable transitional styles, but now it is time to fully embrace the warmth. As the flowers emerge with their beautiful blooming blossoms, so will the season’s styles, featuring less fabric and more energy than ever. We always love to get in on the action, so we decided to pick out a few pieces of handmade Italian jewelry that will complement the top fashion trends of Spring 2016 perfectly.


models wear luxury fashion outfits featuring pink

Make It Pink, Please – Spring Fashion 2016 | Photos by IMAXTREE

Kerry Pieri of Harper’s Bazaar wrote about the Make It Pink, Please trend in her article, Three Is a Trend. Pink tints can range from blue-based berry pinks to orange-based salmon pinks giving fashion designers a range of expressive colors from which to choose. This fantastic, feminine color does well as an accent piece, but it can also stand out on its own. We have chosen three stunning pieces of fine jewelry featuring pink sapphires and nature-inspired designs to go with the snazzy trend.


a butterfly shaped gold ring with diamonds, pink sapphires and green tsavorite by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

Here is a stunning gold ring with round diamonds, pink sapphires and green tsavorite gemstones that will add an extraordinary pop of color to your seasonal style. This 18kt rose gold ring was made in Italy and showcases 0.27cts of sparkling round diamonds and 1.43cts of exquisite pink round sapphires alongside 0.26cts of bright round tsavorite. Featuring a delicate yet bold butterfly design, this handcrafted ring is also available in white and yellow gold.

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flower shaped Italian gold earrings with diamonds and sapphire briolette by ZYDO Italian JewelryHave an outfit that needs a gorgeous pair of pink earrings to complete the look?

These 18kt rose gold earrings showcase 3.80cts of exquisite pink briolette sapphires, accentuated by 0.41cts of sparkling round diamonds. Featuring a striking yet delicate floral design, these handmade earrings are also available in white and yellow gold. Simply choose the preferred finish for your skin tone and they will add an elegant and energetic splash of color that will be adored all year!

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a flower shaped rose gold ring with diamonds and sapphire briolette by ZYDO Italian JewelryI absolutely adore the charming allure of this unique, gold ring with diamonds and sapphire briolette. ZYDO’s exquisite, handmade, 18kt rose gold ring showcases 2.44cts of exquisite pink briolette sapphires, accentuated by 0.50cts of sparkling round diamonds in a stylish design. Its striking, yet delicate aesthetic is a truly breathtaking example of authentic Italian craftsmanship.

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models wear Italian fashion designer's spring 2016 shine on trend

Shine On – Spring Fashion 2016 | Photos by IMAXTREE

Our second featured fashion trend comes from Joyann King of Harper’s Bazaar in her New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 Runway Report. Shine On speaks to the shimmering rise of elaborate sequin designs emerging on runways all over the world. Featuring a wide range of potential colors and styles, this look will work well with jewelry featuring similar elements. ZYDO’s Italian jewelry designers have created the perfect accessories for such a style, as the following pendant, ring and earrings combine diamonds, sapphires and amethysts to create breathtaking butterfly and floral designs.


a butterfly shaped gold ring with diamonds and sapphires by ZYDO Italian JewelryHere is a lovely gold ring with diamonds and sapphires that will work well with shimmering outfits. This gorgeous 18kt white gold ring features 0.28cts of dazzling diamonds and 1.71cts of elegant blue and pink sapphires in a stylish butterfly design. It was made by hand in Italy following the same traditional process as our entire Italian jewelry collection!

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Italian gold buttefly shaped earrings with diamonds and sapphires by ZYDO

If your sequined sleeves stretch over your hands, then rings might not be visible with the outfit. Instead, a fantastic pair of gold earrings with diamonds, sapphires and amethysts might be the best choice of fine jewelry to complement the look. For example, ZYDO’s handmade, 18kt white gold earrings feature 0.70cts of dazzling diamonds, 1.04cts of elegant blue and pink sapphires, and 0.26cts of vibrant amethyst in a remarkable butterfly design.

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flower shaped gold pendant with diamonds, sapphires and amethyst by ZYDO Italian JewelryAn outfit with a deep neckline will work wonderfully with this 18kt white gold pendant. A fine Italian treasure, it showcases 1.21cts of sparkling round diamonds, 3.26cts of elegant blue round sapphires and 1.40cts of bright round amethyst in a beautiful floral design that was made by hand in Milan, Italy. It is also available in yellow and rose gold so you can choose the perfect finish for your skin tone!

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4 models wear yellow outfits on runway for spring fashion 2016

Mellow Yellow | Photo by IMAXTREE

Here is a third trend as a bonus, along with an exquisite gold Italian ring that we think are a match made in heaven. You cannot go wrong with the right style of yellow on a sunny day. Weather it be lacey gowns or floral patterned skirts, there is something about yellow outfits that we adore. So, what type of fine jewelry do we suggest for this warm look? A gold ring with yellow diamonds, of course!


Gold flower ring with white and yellow diamonds by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

This remarkable 18kt rose gold ring features 7.03cts of dazzling white and yellow diamonds in a striking flower design. Your favorite yellow dress will take on a new look with ZYDO’s handcrafted, Italian, gold flower ring at its side. The ring’s white and yellow diamonds will glisten flawlessly in the sun and add a new dimension of style to your favorite Mellow Yellow outfit.

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