5 Fine Jewelry Fashion Tips for Spring

Spring is officially here. It’s time to shed some of those winter layers, hang up those heavy, dark coats and add some color to your life. But it is important to make sure that your look rivals that vivacious feel of the sunshine and beauty that embodies the new life feel of spring. Here are a few of our favorite tips for wearing fine jewelry this season, while keeping up with the latest trends.


#1. Know your colors… and use them

When heading into spring think about choosing fine jewelry that will be accentuated by this season’s brightly adorned color motifs. This spring’s trending colors are lemon yellow, fresh white, sky blue, cherry red and light rose. With such vibrant colors it is important to make jewelry choices that simultaneously complement, yet still stand out and showcase their own unique and brilliant colors. You might consider playing into this theme with orange or yellow sapphires, placed in a yellow or rose-gold setting. Be sure to explore Blooming to find stunning pieces of this sort.


#2. Try something in gold, it really brings out your tone

With those beautiful rays that are finally starting to shine through, we will all be quickly shedding layers and grabbing as much of that wonderful Vitamin D as possible from the sun. A great tip is to wear something that works with your darkening skin tone. While silver is generally thought of as a winter metal, the opposite is true of gold. It is widely considered a ‘warmer feeling’ metal. Its bright color can really stand out on tanned or tanning skin. So choosing jewelry with a yellow or rose gold is key to finding your right fit for springtime. Our collection, Primavera, has a wonderful selection of season appropriate styles from which to choose.

ZYDO_Spring_Jewelry_Primavera_7#3. The more the merrier, when carefully selected

The trend of wearing bigger jewelry, or simply wearing a lot of it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So we suggest keeping with that idea, but just make sure to go with bright colors when choosing which pieces of fine jewelry to wear. Remember those orange and yellow sapphires we mentioned earlier. Those could be a great choice when paired together. Or perhaps a pink sapphire set in rose gold. All together they would really stand out and set the look for spring.

ZYDO_Spring_Jewelry_Blooming_1#4. Flaunt those feathers and use them wisely

Another springtime theme that seems to be showing up all over Milan, Paris and New York this year is the incorporation of feathers. With that wispy and delicate look which feathers give, it is very important to make sure to choose jewelry that is also delicate in nature. It doesn’t necessarily have to look bulky to stand out. With softer lines, and more subtlety to the selection, you can achieve the same level of elegance that a feathered piece does. Thus, working in tandem to bring out your exceptional feminine side.


#5 Blue and white

Being a transitional season, springtime often brings its fair share of black and white clothing. Offering a mix of dark and bright – representing its being nestled between two starkly different seasons. But this year, there’s a new twist to this age-old springtime tradition. Blue and white is offsetting the more traditional style, adding a touch of much needed color. With the right selection of necklace, you can really steal the show this spring. A dazzling pendant will really pop next to a two toned wardrobe. Be sure to choose something showcasing a gemstone other than blue, so that it is juxtaposed to the blue and whites present in the rest of your wardrobe.


ZYDO proudly offers fine jewelry that will be perfect for spring.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming Spring Trunk Shows to see the colors and feel the luxurious comfort of Italian crafted jewelry in person.


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