3 Summer Fashion Tips to Stay Cool

We love it when summer rolls around. To us it means warm weather, new styles and fun vacations. This carefree time of year can also be an excellent opportunity to try new looks. But how do you pick new outfits and fine jewelry that will keep you comfortable under the hot summer sun? We have 3 easy fashion tips that will help guide you in the right direction.

1. Choose garments made with fabric that helps keep your cool

Have you ever found an adorable outfit that looked and felt great in an air-conditioned boutique, but handled more like a sauna suit once you stepped into the sun? These days, poly-blends are very popular; however, they are not breathable.

We suggest you prioritize your personal comfort with items made from cotton or similar materials. The hollow-centered fibers of cotton allow moisture to pass through and evaporate from the surface. This evaporative process actually has a cooling effect on body temperature, which can make a big difference in 80-degree weather. Try to find items made from Supima – a very high quality of cotton.

2. Pick colors that work with the season AND your jewelry

Summer fashions tend to lean on the playful side of the style spectrum. This is because summer is a fun season. The bright skies and vivid colors of nature provide a perfect backdrop for creative and expressive styles. One of the most enjoyable colors we have seen trending this year has been yellow. When worn properly this color bursts with energy and will help uplift the atmosphere at any event.

But what does one wear with yellow? We suggest gold jewelry, such as this gold bracelet with diamonds and multicolor sapphires. If you choose to wear a yellow dress or blouse, we find bracelets and rings to be great options that can add color and texture to your arms for a very unique, Golden Globe worthy, summertime look.

You can also get creative with denim and beige. Looking for even more excitement? Try adding blue or red accessories that will pop against your yellow dress. Be sure to explore our Yellow Dress Accessories board on Pinterest to find other great combinations.

3. Pick styles that turn up your looks, NOT the temperature
Shirt dresses and skirts will always be great options to help minimize heat-trapping fabric. But, did you know that adding an extra layer of clothing might actually have a better cooling effect? Try to find clothing that comes with a slip or create your own layers. You will probably notice that your clothes seem to stick less when they’re layered.

Another option is to find styles that are slightly larger than life. This is not just a fun look that the Spring/Summer 2015 runways have been featuring. The oversized outfits actually provide more airflow along with the extra wiggle room. Be bold the next time you go shopping and try something new. You just might find yourself worrying less about the heat and focusing more on having a sweat-free, fun-filled summer with your friends.

Watch out dance floors. Here we come!

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