Summer is Here, Travel with Your Favorite Jewelry!

Besides great weather, when we think about summer, we think about the perfect time to plan a glamorous vacation. Now that things are returning to normal, it’s time to take that getaway that you’ve been longing for! It’s time to resume your jet-setting ways to some of the most exotic destinations in the world!

If you plan on traveling this summer, you’re going to want to take your best outfits and accessories – including your very favorite jewelry which means thinking carefully about what to pack! You’ll definitely want to take pieces that are versatile so that you can wear them with anything and that will add that summer sparkle!

ZYDO wants to help you keep your jewelry safe while traveling. These are our top three tips for how to travel safely with your favorite pieces.


1. Pack Your Diamond Jewelry the Right Way 

To keep your precious diamond jewelry safe and unharmed throughout your trip, always use a travel box or pouch made especially for high-end jewelry.

When choosing a jewelry box, select one with separate compartments to avoid diamonds and gemstones rubbing against each other, as this can cause scratches and cracks. Also, always select a container with soft compartments or lined with padded surfaces in fabrics such as velvet.

Take along our triple flower ring set in 18kt gold, featuring 4.15 cts. of gleaming round, marquise, and pear-shaped diamonds! With its floral motif, this ring screams summer. The brilliance of the sun will cause light to bounce right off of this bling, ensuring that everyone will notice what a stunning ring you are wearing.

2. Carry Your Diamond Jewelry with You

Repeat after us: Never, and we emphasize NEVER, put your jewelry in your checked bag.

From the moment you leave home until you reach your destination, your suitcase will pass through too many hands, not to mention get tossed around while being put on and taken off the plane. It’s always better to prevent any jewelry-related heartbreak by keeping your favorite diamonds in your carry-on luggage.

For every season, ZYDO Italy always loves diamonds, but for summer, we recommend adding a pop of color to your jewelry as well. That’s why we recommend our awesome rainbow color hoops! Featuring 2.65 cts. of multi-colored sapphires, 0.47 cts. of additional semi-precious gemstones, as well as 0.43 cts. of diamonds, these hoops set in 18kt gold are a great way to accessorize and let everyone know that you’re ready to get back out into the world and have some fun!

3. Insure Your Precious Diamond Jewelry

You can never take too many precautions when it comes to your jewels. If you haven’t insured your precious collection, now is the time. 

Having your jewelry insured is important whether you are staying at home or going out and about, but always be sure to pick an insurance plan that specifically includes protection when traveling abroad. In addition, remember to carry a copy of your policy with you on your travels, even though we hope that you won’t need it!

We know that you’re going to want to spend a night out on the town during your trip! Treat yourself to a glass of wine or a delicious martini under the sunset while wearing our Wide Stretch Bracelet . The most impressive piece in our Stretch Collection, this 18kt gold bracelet boasts an amazing 43.42 cts. of sparkling round diamonds! It’s classy, chic, and certainly eye-catching – it’s the perfect piece of travel jewelry for your summer travel adventure!

To all of our ZYDO Italy jewelry lovers out there, we hope that this summer, you’re able to travel, relax, sightsee, and soak up some of that cherished summer sun. After spending so much time indoors over the past year-and-a-half, you deserve it! Enjoy glamming up your vacation with ZYDO’s incredible selection of fine jewelry, and say “cheers” to the return of these much-needed summer holidays!

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