Tanzanite: The Italian Jeweler’s Secret


Tanzanite, the birthstone of December, is an incredibly rare gemstone with brilliant hues that vary between blue and purple. Its fantastic coloring and extremely limited availability make the beautiful stone a fine jeweler’s dream. But why is it so scarce? How does it produce such unique colors? And – perhaps more importantly – what happens when ZYDO uses the gemstone to design a stunning piece of authentic, handmade Italian jewelry?

This luxurious gemstone was discovered in Tanzania during the ‘60s. To present day, the East African state for which it was named has been the only location to produce the gem. According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, it was, “enthusiastically celebrated by specialists as the ‘gemstone of the 20th century.” Its physical structure creates different colors from different angles by an effect called trichroism, which gives the stone a captivating aesthetic presence. The brilliant colors of the stone make it the perfect centerpiece for stunning rings, fantastic earrings and charming pendants, when available.

For obvious reasons, tanzanite is very special. But what does the gem say about the modern fashionista who is privileged to acquire fine Italian jewelry featuring the precious gem? When worn with the right outfit, tanzanite jewelry exudes confidence and individuality. The uncanny allure and exclusive nature of the gem creates a timeless look with a sophisticated style, which suits young and mature women alike.

a white gold ring with diamonds and blue tanzanites by ZYDO Italian JewelryZYDO’s Italian designers got a hold of a few high-quality tanzanites and created an absolutely breathtaking piece of luxury. They designed an 18kt white gold ring, which features 0.66cts of round diamonds and 4.58cts of tanzanites in a charming and elegant design. This handcrafted treasure will be the perfect ring for one incredibly stylish woman this December.

***Order this one-of-a-kind ring before December 31st and we will send you ZYDO’s limited edition, custom jewelry travel case as a special holiday gift!

custom black fine jewelry travel case by ZYDO Italy


P.S. Tanzanite has a value of 6.5 on the Mohs scale so be sure to wear it carefully and avoid cleansing in ultrasonic or acidic baths.

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