The Golden Showdown: Types of Gold Jewelry for Every Woman

Every woman deserves to have a breathtaking piece of gold jewelry, but do you know which type is most flattering for you?

In any shape and color, gold jewelry keeps us enamored, especially when surrounded by beautiful diamonds.

But, here’s the thing.

A ZYDO woman is unique and beautiful, and deserves to wear jewelry that enhances her stunning features, not to overpower them or wash them out with the wrong color.

Knowing which shade of gold looks best on you guarantees that you’ll always look amazing with any of our ZYDO pieces.

In this post, we’ll explain to you all about the three types of gold jewelry, and which one is best for your complexion.

Sounds great? Let’s dive into some gold!

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The Undertone

Before we take a look at some pretty pieces, let’s start with the theory behind this.

Have you ever wondered why some gold jewelry looks amazing on you, while others make you look terrible? Have you ever decided not to purchase a stunning gem piece because it didn’t quite make you look like a red carpet diva?

We feel your pain!

The answer lies right underneath your skin. There, you’ll find your undertone, which tells you how warm or cool your skin tone is. This is very different from your skin color, and it affects the way certain colors (including: clothing, hair color, jewelry and even makeup) look on you.

Knowing your undertone can help you make the best styling choices for you, which will bring out the inner glow we know every ZYDO woman has.

How to find your undertone

A woman wearing white gold jewelry with diamonds from ZYDO

First, find a spot with plenty of natural light. You shouldn’t try to figure out your undertone at the makeup counter or under the harsh lighting of your office.

Then, bare your wrists by removing any jewelry you already have on, and any piece of clothing that can skew the result.

Turn your wrists towards you and look at your veins. What’s their color?

Are your veins blue o purple? You have a cool undertone.

Are your veins green? You have a warm undertone.

Is it too close to call? You’re in luck, because you have a neutral undertone and can rock just about any tone you desire.

Another test we recommend, especially in the summer, focuses on the effects your skin has under the sun. But be safe! Do not try this out without slathering on sunscreen and taking all the precautions at the beach or poolside to keep your beautiful skin protected.

Do you tend to burn easily under the sun? You have a cool undertone.

Do you develop a tan while lounging by the pool with your mojito? You have a warm undertone, regardless if your tan appears immediately after, or later in the day.

Now that we’ve got the theory out of the way, it’s time to talk about the types of gold.

Yellow Gold

Let’s get one thing out of the way: every shade of gold has yellow gold as a base. The different shade comes from the alloy of gold with other metals.

In the case of yellow gold, when it doesn’t have any other metals, it’s considered as 24K, and 100% pure. Most commonly, however jewelers work with 18K gold, which means that it is 75% gold and 25% metals. For ZYDO jewelry, we use silver and copper as the additional metals.

Yellow gold jewelry looks amazing on women with a warm undertone skin. If you have an olive tone, you’ll look like a classic golden goddess with yellow gold jewelry.

First up, these dainty yellow gold diamond earrings.

A pair of yellow gold stud earrings with diamonds from ZYDO

Giving a modern twist to the traditional stud earrings, this pair is office-ready without being dull. It features a round setting with 1.09cts of marquise and princess cut diamonds, placed in an illusion setting.

Next up, give a dose of shine to your complexion with this stretch bracelet.

A yellow gold stretch bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO

You have the right to look amazing and be comfortable while doing so, and this bracelet is perfect for the task. It showcases 19.41cts of sparkling round diamonds, surrounding the yellow gold. It’s easy to slip on if you’re in a hurry and just need one accessory to bring your outfit together.

We didn’t forget about your slender fingers for a fully yellow-gold look. Brighten them up with diamonds and sapphires.

A yellow gold flower ring, featuring diamonds and yellow briolette sapphires from ZYDO

Part of the Primavera collection, this ring features 3.75cts of golden yellow briolette sapphires, along with 0.75cts of sparkling round diamonds, completing the floral design.

White Gold

This shade of gold comes from the mix of gold with components of silver and palladium. But the element that gives white gold its sense of luxury is an extra coat of rhodium.

White gold is the perfect shade for women with a cool undertone. The following three pieces are right up your alley.

A white gold stretch bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your office look, this white gold stretch bracelet is your best choice. It shows a trendy design, while remaining versatile and comfortable. The bracelet features 0.87cts of dainty round diamonds, ideal for a daytime look.

Do you have a night out in the near future? Land among the stars with these octagonal dangle earrings.

A pair of white gold earrings with diamonds from ZYDO.

Picture yourself getting out of your date’s car (he opened the door, of course!), with a little black dress, sultry red lips and these earrings framing your face.

He, and every man in the room, won’t take his eyes away from you, we guarantee it. The 2.20cts of round and emerald cut diamonds will steal the spotlight wherever you go.

To complete the look, how about this white gold ring?

A White Gold Ring with Five Rows of Diamonds from ZYDO

Why have a solitaire diamond when you can have five rows of them around your finger? This ring shows you that you can’t really have too much of a good thing. It features 1.82cts of sparkling round diamonds, which have been arranged over several rows to amp up the sparkle.

Rose Gold

Whether your skin tone is warm or cool, you’ll always look stunning with rose gold jewelry. It brings out the best of both tones, and gives your look an air of vintage romance.

Copper is the component that gives rose gold its trademark tone, but it also makes the jewelry piece stronger and more durable.

If you want to give rose gold jewelry a shot, take a look at these pieces and get ready to be charmed by them.

First up, this stunning pendant with diamonds.

A rose gold pendant with diamonds from ZYDO

Made from 18kt rose gold, what stands out on this pendant are the 0.50cts of dazzling marquise and princess cut diamonds. Placed in a circular shaped under an illusion setting, they look like the prettiest medal of all.

What should you wear with this pendant? You should keep the rest of your look on the background, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add any more rose gold!

A rose gold hand bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO

This dainty rose gold bracelet is the right companion for your look, no matter if it’s for the daytime or for a relaxed evening outing. It features 0.12cts of round diamonds, placed in a delicate hand setting.

But, what if, instead of something low profile, you want to wear something more daring? Then, this beautiful coil ring is your best bet!

A rose gold ring with diamonds, rubies and multicolored sapphires from ZYDO

Part of the Spiral collection, everyone will be hypnotized by this ring’s multicolored shine, so be sure to match it with your best manicure! It features 0.19cts of round diamonds, along with 0.19cts of rubies and 1.07cts of yellow and orange sapphires.

Us, at ZYDO, are in love with gold jewelry and our beautiful, handmade pieces are proof of it. We love each shade of gold equally and want you to wear the one that will bring out your best features and make you feel like the star you are.

For more shiny inspiration, take a look at our jewelry category and treat yourself!

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