topaz gem of the month zydo jewelry

Topaz: November’s Gem of the Month

topaz gem of the month zydo jewelry

For the month of November, we have chosen one of the most multifaceted gems out there: topaz. This beautiful gem has fascinated us for centuries, ever since ancient Greece, because of its unique crystal composition and variety of colors. A topaz jewel brings elegance to an outfit and a magic touch of color, which in some cases, can vary when the light hits it from a different direction.

We can find topaz gems in pink, red, violet, yellow, brown, and, sometimes, blue. This is because topaz is an allochromatic gem, which means that its color comes from impurities within the crystal itself, instead of from its chemical composition. For example, a pink topaz gem can contain traces of chromium. There’s also the Imperial topaz, a reddish orange gem, known as one of the most expensive topaz gems.

Mystique and Shine

The origin of the word topaz is disputed between historians. Some believe it comes from the small island Topazios, located in the Red Sea. Ironically, this island never produced topaz, but peridot gems, which used to be confused with topaz.  Others associate it with the Sanskrit word topas, which means fire.

Wearing a topaz gem was considered to be a protective charm. In Greece, it was believed that it gave strength to the wearer. Romans and Egyptians associated topaz with the sun god, and it was associated with healing qualities. During the Renaissance, Europeans thought it could help break magic spells. In India, wearing a topaz gem above the heart gave beauty and intelligence.

Don’t miss the selection of jewels below, to catch some of its magic.

Smoky Elegance

gold ring diamonds topaz gem jewelry zydo made in Italy
Gold ring with diamonds and topaz

For a Fall morning, look no further than this 18kt white gold ring. The star of this look is a custom cut golden topaz gem, weighing 21.73cts. It also has 1.67cts of sparkling diamonds, surrounding the gem, and 0.48cts of vibrant orange sapphires. An outfit with earthy tones will be ideal for this ring.

Blue Moon

gold ring diamonds blue topaz gem jewelry zydo made in Italy
Gold ring with diamonds and blue topaz

Considering that topaz gems tend to come out in warmer tones, looking at a blue topaz ring is a rare spectacle, just like a blue moon. Thus, when you wear this 18kt white gold ring, you will shine all night long. It features a gorgeous blue topaz, weighing 74.15cts, along with 0.48cts of round diamonds.

A Sparkling Rainbow

gold ring diamonds zydo blue topaz opal peridot citrine jewelry made in Italy
Gold ring with diamonds and semi-precious gems

Wishing to paint some color onto a dull gray morning? This is the ring for you. Wear a rainbow on your hand with this 18kt white gold ring, featuring five colored gemstones: blue topaz, pink opal, amethyst, peridot, and citrine. The gems are surrounded by 1.29cts of beautiful diamonds. Make sure to keep the rest of your look neutral toned so the gems can truly stand out.

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