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The Mystique of Amethyst, February’s Gem

For this month, we have a stunning gemstone, a symbol of protection and temperance which is said to connect to our most spiritual side. Amethysts have carried an aura of mysticism for centuries, while keeping their beauty and grace. They have been the favorite gem of mediums, priests, and even queens. Today, we want to share with you some enticing facts that will make amethysts your gem of choice.

A Spiritual Stone

The origin of the name amethyst comes from an ancient Greek legend linked to Bacchus, the god of wine. You can read the whole story here. The gem’s name comes from the Greek a-méthystos, meaning “not intoxicated”, because it was believed that it could prevent inebriation and other states of excess. Indeed, Greeks and Romans believed that, when drinking wine from an amethyst studded goblet, the drinker wouldn’t get intoxicated.

Some religions have given a special meaning to amethysts. The Hebrews consider it a symbol of the tribe of Daniel, one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In the Catholic Church, bishops wore rings with amethyst stones, seeking protection from mystical intoxication. Egyptians incorporated amethyst gems in amulets for burial. Students of the occult believed it stimulated the wearer’s intuition and saved them from negative energy.

A Royal Duo

gold earrings diamonds amethyst zydo Italy
Gold earrings with diamonds and amethysts

Amethysts are also associated with nobility. They were the favorite gem of Catherine the Great from Russia, and they’re also featured in the British Crown Jewels, including the Crown of St. Edward, the one worn by kings and queens for centuries.

Crowns may belong to few, but you can channel their power with these gorgeous earrings from the Dome collection. This beautiful pair, made from 18kt rose gold, features drop shaped amethysts weighing 25.77cts, accentuated by 1.05cts of sparkling diamonds. Any woman can feel like a queen while wearing them!

A Daytime-Ready Power Symbol

gold ring diamonds amethyst zydo Italy
Gold ring with round diamonds and amethyst

The right ring in the right hands can surely disclose authority, confidence and style. This gorgeous ring from the Allure collection is the ultimate complement of a power suit. It boasts 1.69cts of sparkling white diamonds in a flawless pave setting over a custom cut amethyst weighing 26.35cts.

Counting the days ‘till Spring

gold pendant diamonds sapphires amethyst zydo italy
Gold pendant with diamonds, sapphires and amethysts

Many of us are in the middle of winter, but it’s impossible to have winter blues with this pretty pendant from the Primavera collection. Made from 18kt white gold, it showcases 1.21cts of round diamonds, 3.26cts of blue round sapphires and 1.40cts of amethysts. Wear this floral design every day and you won’t long for Spring anymore!

Want to see more stunning pieces featuring amethysts? Take a look here, and get yourself something mysterious and alluring today.

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