The psychology of color



Every color is a world in and of itself. Colors influence the way we perceive our surroundings subconsciously and assign meaning to everything, influencing our reactions about the world around us and what others think of us. Needless to say, knowing how to use color to your advantage and knowing what the colors you love wearing say about you is crucial!



Red copia

Red is a showstopper. The hottest and most dynamic color, it is extremely stimulating, passionate, exciting, and powerful. The intensity of red makes it a very eye-catching color that says “Hi, look at me!” It’s perfect for those of us who love being the center of attention and for seducing a significant other.




Orange is not as overpowering as red, but rather is a more balanced color with a vibrant, energetic, and inviting feeling. Wearing orange says “Let’s be friends” and makes people feel welcome and happy around you. We love orange for giving off a friendly impression and being colorful without being overwhelming.




The brightest color there is, yellow gives off an impression of cheerfulness and happiness. Lighter shades of the color give you an aura of youth and lightness, while darker shades give you a more elegant, mature feeling.




Aaah, green, the color of nature. Green exudes calmness, balance, and rejuvenation. Darker shades represent stability and lighter tones inspire possibility. Wearing green gives off a relaxing and calm vibe that says “I’m chill” which attracts people to want to be in your presence.




Blue is what we like to call a safe color. It represents dependability, trustworthiness, and security. It can also characterize calmness and spirituality. Those who love to wear light blue are generally super friendly and have a cheerful, stable personality, while darker blues give off a more professional demeanor.




Historically, purple was the shade worn by nobility and royalty, representing abundance, dignity, and a life of excess. However today, it can also represent creativity and imagination. If you want to give off an expensive luxurious vibe go for wearing darker shades of purple. The softer shades are perfect for your Springtime wardrobe, giving you a flowery and romantic look.




Black– Power. Elegance. Modernity. Mysteriousness.


White– Cleanliness. Purity. Hope. Openness. Simplicity. Sophistication.




Creams and Ivories represent calm, elegance, and purity, while tans and beiges represent conservatism.

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