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The Right Bracelet for Every Occasion

When picking your outfit -whether it’s for a huge event or just a coffee getaway with your best friends- we know that every single detail counts, and you need the right bracelet for every occasion.

Here’s the thing:

There are infinite options for bracelets that complement your style, but you also need to coordinate with the occasion. You don’t want to look over- or underdressed.

But how can you pick the perfect one when you want them all? We’re here to help you. Learn how to select the right bracelet for the occasion.

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A Date Night to Remember

Don’t be afraid to spice up your look on that special date night. Remember that you have the odds in your favor, so it’s time to shine!

Try combining metals and gemstones to get out of your comfort zone and achieve an elegant but unconventional look. Here are some examples to get you started:

Spin your way onto the dance floor with this 18kt yellow and white gold coil bracelet.

This kind of bracelet is a simple way to give a modern twist to a classic look! It can go with a beautiful cocktail dress or that lovely skirt you have been waiting to wear. Well, now’s your chance to wear it with the style it deserves!


Are you looking for a more laid-back look?  Mix it up by just putting on your favorite pair of jeans and a silk blouse with this black and white diamond gold tennis bracelet. It’ll say something like: “Hey there, I don’t need to try too hard. I’m effortlessly pretty.”


No matter what, make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing and be prepared to be in the spotlight all the way!

Brunch with the Girls

Weekend Brunch? It’s the perfect moment to enjoy yourself and relax with your friends. Put on casual jeans with that blouse that always looks and feels good.

When you choose your accessories, go for something bold and modern -yet comfortable- like a stretch gold bracelet with diamonds.

If you love being the center of attention, wear a statement piece like this 18kt rose gold wide stretch bracelet and light up any room. There’s just one downside: all your friends will want to borrow it from you.



If you just want to give your look a vivid touch, dare to color your world with this exquisite 18kt rose gold stretch bracelet. A pop of pink and red will keep your outfit from looking dull. If red doesn’t reflect your personality, consider other hues, and make sure to combine them with a cute dress or a nice shirt.



We highly recommend trying to always unify the metal color you are wearing and keep harmony between your earrings and pendant (if any).

Your Everyday Attire

In your day to day look: keep it simple but meaningful. Whether you’re going to the office in a suit or business casual, your bracelet selection must be versatile enough to match a fashionable and classic style. To achieve this look, we bring you the following recommendation:

The delicate touch of this 18kt white gold bracelet should do it. This bracelet not only looks incredibly fashionable, but it also gives you the polished style you definitely need to project a professional image in the workplace.


Remember that these tips are meant for you to make the most out of your closet (and jewelry box) and look amazing no matter the occasion.

Now you know our secrets to coordinating your wardrobe and your bracelets. Are you ready to match your bracelet collection with your style? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below!

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