The Symbolism of Infinity Jewelry


Infinity jewelry carries one of the heaviest symbolic meanings in the world of fashion. Our favorite bracelets, necklaces and rings often earn their titles because they remind us of someone or something significant. These can include important accomplishments, events and loved ones that we want to remember forever. Today the symbol plays an important role in fashion and fine jewelry, but where did it originate? The concept of infinity and its symbol actually have an appropriately lengthy history with a few Italian footnotes!

The theory of infinity has intrigued philosophers, mathematicians and physicists since ancient times. A Greek philosopher named Anaximander is accredited for the earliest account of the idea on record. Notably, Zeno of Elea first identified the notion of mathematical infinity in southern Italy. Another great philosopher, Archimedes, often weighed in on the theory and had a strong grasp on the concept.

In 1576, Thomas Digges published a proposal that the universe is infinite. This was reaffirmed 8 years later by Italian philosopher and astronomer, Giordano Bruno. His publication, On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, suggested ‘innumerable suns exists … and… living beings inhabit these worlds’. Such an idea immediately inspires the imagination as it tries to fathom the incomprehensible nature of space.

During the 17th century, an English mathematician named John Wallis up-cycled an ancient Greek symbol, known as the Lemniscate. He used it to refer to the concept of infinity, which signified a quantity bigger than any number. The name for his new symbol – Infinity – had been derived from the Latin term ‘infinitas’.

The infinity symbol has also played a large role in mysticism. Ancient Indians used the symbol to represent the concept of perfection. They also used it to denote dualism and equality between male and female. Perhaps the growing popularity of Infinity jewelry is a reflection of societal changes. For example, the colors of the year were chosen to reflect dualism and equality in 2016. Together, these trends seem to reflect a profound growth in human thought, as opposed to the return of an aesthetic novelty.

In mysticism, the infinity symbol has close ties to an ancient image known as the ouroboros. It depicts a snake swallowing its own tail. The symbolic reference of this act speaks to the nature – and connectedness – of beginnings and endings in that one is always dependent on the other. This powerful symbol has also earned itself a place on several tarot cards where it represents endless potential of opportunities, personal strength and power.

In modern times, the symbol represents the mysterious and romantic idea of endless love through all eternity. When used in jewelry, the infinity symbol may allude to everlasting love or – alternatively – to the symbol’s historic context in which it represented perfection and empowerment. The symbolism of infinity jewelry seems to be endless. We believe it’s a powerful character that carries a strong message and will leave a lasting impression when received as a gift.

Here are 3 charming infinity symbol bracelets to show your fashion forward sweetheart – or BFF – that you will love them forever!

white gold infinity symbol bracelet with diamonds by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

This delightful, handmade, 18kt white gold bracelet features 0.15ct of round diamonds in a delicate infinity symbol setting. It will complement cool skin tones very nicely and should add an alluring accent to your favorite outfit.

yellow gold bracelet with diamonds on delicate infinity symbol by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

Similarly, this charming 18kt yellow gold infinity bracelet features 0.17ct of round diamonds in a dainty, handcrafted setting that symbolizes endless love. Of course, the yellow gold will look best on warm skin tones; however, it’s okay to mix and match jewelry types when feeling adventurous.

rose gold infinity bracelet with diamonds by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

Here’s an enchanting, 18kt rose gold bracelet, which was made by hand in Italy. It features 0.15ct of round diamonds in a delicate infinity symbol setting.

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