Top 5 Diamond Bracelets For Any Occassion

The Top 5 Diamond Bracelets For Any Occasion

Every woman loves a great bracelet—and if it’s a diamond one, all the better! Having a versatile collection of bracelets is one of the best wardrobe enhancers there is—there’s a bracelet for every look! 

There are many types of diamond bracelets, but to us at ZYDO, some are simply must-haves for every woman who wants to be empowered to look and feel beautiful on every occasion, in every outfit. 

What are the bracelets you can’t live without? 

We’d like to share the top 5 diamond bracelets for any occasion. Read on!

But first, give some love to your collection of rings too, with the  5 types of diamond rings you should own.

Top 5 Diamond Bracelets For all Occasions 

Tennis Diamond Bracelet

You probably won’t wear this to play tennis, though you could—and if you did, you’d share a place in history with tennis great Chris Evert, the originator of the term, whose diamond bracelet fell off during an intense match at the US Open. The name stayed because it exemplifies this style—bracelets so versatile and simple but elegant that you can wear them under nearly any circumstance. Tennis bracelets are characterized by an inline chain of beautiful gemstones, usually diamonds. 

Tennis bracelets are perfect for events where accessories stand out, such as with short-sleeved or sleeveless outfits—even designer sportswear!

A bracelet like this White Gold Tennis Bracelet with Diamonds from ZYDO Italy shows that you’re a woman just like Evert—you simply must be glamorous under all circumstances. 

Tennis diamond bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet

Every woman needs at least one piece in their jewelry box that is so unique and singular that she’ll stand out no matter where she is.  

A bracelet that blends diamonds with strikingly colorful stones is a standout on any occasion. For this kind of piece, we love blue sapphires—their bold, stunning color will put all eyes on you. Our White Gold Stretch Bracelet With Diamonds And Blue Sapphires is one of the most celebrated gemstone bracelets in our collection—and it will place you firmly at the center of attention.

Gemstones diamond bracelet

Bangle Diamond Bracelets

You might think we’re cheating by putting bangles on this list—they’re not technically bracelets, but they’re such a versatile wrist accessory, they belong in your bracelet collection! A bangle is rigid and round, and usually one piece, whereas a bracelet is a set of flexible links that conform to the shape of your wrist. They come from the Hindi word bungri, meaning glass—traditionally, no woman would be seen in public without one!

The rigid shape of bangles are great for enhancing the delicacy and slenderness of the wrist beneath it. When enhanced with diamond settings, they’re some of the ultimate eye-catching bracelets you can wear!

This White Gold Bracelet With Round And Fancy Cut Diamonds Illusion Set from ZYDO’s Mosaic collection reflects the bold designs that make the best bangles, while its slim profile is chic and elegant. 

Bangle diamond bracelet

Stretch diamond bracelets

Innovation and luxury are best friends. Stretch diamond bracelets add a touch of fun and freshness to your everyday attire. Their comfort and ease of wear makes them versatile, while their flexible links highlight a variety of colors and precious stones. Stretch bracelets are some of the best travelling companions you can have—have one in your favorite colors in your jewelry box, like this Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet With Cognac And White Diamonds, for your next spur-of-the-moment adventure.

Stretch diamond bracelet

Link Diamond Bracelets 

While every bracelet in our list is versatile—as every good bracelet should be—link or chain bracelets offer the widest range of stylistic choices you could hope for. From thickness of chain to drape to clasp style, great jewelry masters like ZYDO offer these bracelets in every variety under the sun.

Our White Gold Bracelet With Marquise And Pear Shape Diamonds is an example of the creativity we bring to classic designs—diamonds follow the shape of wide links of white gold, creating eye-catching lines and a snug drape that accentuates wrist shape. Are you one of the women that can shine in this bracelet? That’s up to you.

Link diamond bracelet

The versatility of bracelets make them a wonderful gift choice. With the holidays close ahead, drop a hint to anyone who might want to give you your own piece of forever! 

Make sure to represent these 5 diamond bracelet styles in your collection, and you’ll have all eyes on you. 

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