5 Things to Look for When Buying Diamond Jewelry


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when shopping for diamond jewelry? Well, you’re not alone. There are so many different terms and ratings throughout the world of diamonds that one may easily get lost. That’s why we assembled a few simple tips that you can keep in mind the next time you shop for jewelry.

Here are 5 things to look for the next time you visit a gallery:

  1. Check the carat weight of the pieces that catch your eye

Fine jewelry often features more than one diamond, so jewelers devised a system to work with this fact. They use the total mass of the diamond to determine a unit called carats. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams.

Rather than categorize diamond jewelry by the number of diamonds on each piece, the total mass of all the diamonds is combined instead. This is used to give buyers and sellers a starting point to determine its value.


For example, these elegant, 18kt white gold cluster earrings showcase 13.63 carats (cts) of exceptional round, oval and pear shape diamonds in a timeless design. This means that the diamonds on these earrings weigh a total of 13.63 X 0.20 grams. That’s 2.73 grams of diamonds!

  1. Give the diamonds a close look to assess their clarity

One of the primary factors that determine the value of a diamond is its clarity. This is a measurement of opaque markings throughout the gem. Internal defects, known as inclusions, can appear as cracks, clouds or discoloration under intense magnification. These defects can affect the gem’s ability to reflect light and strongly influence the value.

  1. Consider your colors before you talk about costs

The colors of your diamonds can help determine your attire as well as the cost of the jewelry. According to the Gemological Institute of America, “the less color, the higher the grade. Even the slightest hint can make a dramatic difference in value.” The GIA has also determined a grading system to rate diamond color on a scale of D to Z. A grade of D means the diamond is nearly colorless, and therefore more valuable.

  1. Evaluate the quality of the cut before you commit to the piece

Diamonds can be rough by nature. Jewelers have spent thousands of years perfecting the art and science of turning these rough diamonds into sparkling masterpieces by using different cutting techniques. The cut of a diamond refers to the angles, polishing techniques and actual quality of the cuts themselves.

Remember, the cut of a diamond is different than its shape.

  1. Look for diamond jewelry that says ‘Handmade in Italy’

The next time you head out to buy fine jewelry that’s fit for your refined tastes, be sure to look for three short words – ‘Handmade in Italy’. This will tell you that your beautiful necklace, pendant or bracelet has been made in Italy, using the same techniques and craftsmanship that Italian jewelers have been using for centuries.

ZYDO’s Italian jewelry designers start their process by choosing the finest diamonds and highest quality gold available. Then they design unique pieces that will bring out the charming qualities of the gems. By fusing fine materials with a deep passion for the art and skilled craftsmanship, ZYDO creates beautiful fine jewelry that becomes timeless treasures to be enjoyed for all time.

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