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Top 5 Diamond Jewelry Pieces For All Seasons From ZYDO Italy

The seasons come and go – but diamonds are forever!

Stylish and elegant ZYDO women match their style to the season – but the wisest of us know that the right diamond jewelry is a perennial companion! Today, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite pieces of our most celebrated collections, designed especially for year-round appeal.

Ready for summer? Check out our summer 2020 trends and make the most of your timeless jewelry! 

Diamond Jewelry For All Seasons From ZYDO 

1. The Eternal Statement Piece

Unique, bold and sparkling jewelry is here to stay! “Statement pieces” focus on iconic designs made to attract attention and showcase unique stones and settings.

This white gold necklace with round and fancy cut diamonds is a statement piece that promises unparalleled elegance year-round. 

Diamond necklace for all seasons

2. The Classic Diamond Ring

Nothing says timeless like a classic diamond ring. For generations, solitaire rings remain sought-after elements of the perfect diamond jewelry collection, no matter the woman or her taste. 

Whether as an engagement ring or in the boardroom, these rings do it all. 

While the style of solitaire rings is classic and timeless, true designers bring a distinctive, creative touch to each one. ZYDO’s diamond rings each have a unique character.

This white gold round rosette ring with diamonds illusion set is one of our most creative, showcasing 0.53cts of round diamonds expertly set in a rosette grouping to create the look of a much larger stone!

Diamond ring for all seasons

3. Versatile Floral Earrings

Floral style isn’t just for spring! Especially when featuring diamonds and in settings of complementary precious metals such as silver and white gold, they complement the color palette of every season, year after year. Floral earrings can dress up a casual look, or give a playful touch to an elegant ensemble.

These white gold drop earrings with marquise and pear shape diamonds by ZYDO Italy are truly distinctive examples- there’s nothing like them anywhere else, and they play well with anything!

Diamond earrings for all seasons

4. Anytime Stud Earrings

When an earring design has existed for 7000 years you know that this is definitely the ultimate diamond jewelry style for all seasons! 

This style allows you to look discreet, elegant, daring or fun anytime you want. No matter what the occasion, diamond stud earrings will never let you down. Just witness the versatility of these white gold multilevel stud earrings with diamonds from ZYDO’s Classic Chic Collection.

Diamond earrings for all seasons

Whether for a dinner with friends or a business meeting, these pieces of jewelry will always make you shine!  

5. The Colorful Diamond Bracelet 

A splash of color always has its place, whether to complement an equally colorful spring or summer wardrobe, or to bring an eye-catching pop to the cool tones of autumn and winter. Pick your favorite color, and it’ll never let you down!

Bracelets are an excellent way to add color to any circumstance, season, or look.

A simple design with striking and unique color elements is the key to timeless jewelry. Our yellow gold stretch bracelet with diamonds, multicolored sapphires, and tsavorites brings these colorful details to life- a classic and comfortable jewelry piece that will endure forever!

Diamond bracelet for all seasons

ZYDO Italy offers a world of color, elegance, and timeless craftsmanship for every and all seasons! Explore further at, and see our hottest trends on our Youtube channel, where you’ll find beauties like these: 


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