Earrings by ZYDO: Transcend Style. Embody Life. Define Luxury.

The story of earrings has been rich with culture, style and personality. Its setting has been framed by the most distant edges of the world. With a plot driven by beauty and characters guided by passion, a theme has emerged that speaks from the heart. It carries a message that encourages us to live freely and express ourselves proudly.


Earrings reflect more than surrounding light. They mirror our personalities. Perhaps this is why we are so fascinated by their charm. Maybe this is why they have been the preferred medium for self-expression and symbols of personal triumph since the earliest anthropological records.


Our reflection of earrings vast range of supporters and meanings from ancient times has covered Persian soldiers, Egyptian Pharaohs, Japanese Fashionistas and English Royals. We have followed their rise to mainstream style from tribal roots, through twentieth century sub-cultures, male celebrities and British rock bands all the way to their present status as a world wide female phenomenon.


In 1972, ZYDO Italy became a champion of fine jewelry’s more intimate side and began contributing to the future of earrings. The founder, Mr. Zybert, understood the importance of quality when selecting jewels. More importantly, he knew that the only way to honor the incredible connection we have developed with earrings throughout existence was to marry timeless style and luxurious elegance with skilled craftsmanship and Italian personality.


The Zybert family tradition of diamond cutting and dealing has consistently contributed to the elevation of fine jewelry’s expectations. ZYDO’s earrings are 100% produced in the Golden City of Valenza, which ensures the finest quality of production that can only be expected from Italy’s craft masters. Avant-Garde in nature, ZYDO’s inspiration blends the importance of the past with forward thinking sophistication.


ZYDO’s collections pay tribute to the past while blazing a path to the future. For example, Dome, draws inspiration from the magically alluring architectural masterpieces of the ancient world. Splashes of diamonds, rainbows of color and the classic black and white combination go beyond the traditional and give way to the cutting edge design and playfulness of this collection.


Another collection that draws from the past and pushes toward the future is the impeccable Lace, the lifestyle authentic expression that reveals a contemporary flavor, under the sign of originality. It originated from a mix of excellence and simplicity, where talent and flair play cleverly the role of performer with the most pure and sincere emotions.


Very soft, comfortable and easy wearing jewels, Lace shows up to date style and reminds us of Eighteenth Century embroideries and laces made with rare mastery. The shapes, materials and color alternations pervaded with romantic inspiration merge into a “prêt-à-porter” jewelry collection and celebrate modernity and sex appeal for a fancy and eclectic woman full of bon-ton taste.


Enter the ZYDO Woman. She wears jewelry as a symbol of supreme style. She’s fashionable, empowered and sophisticated. Her style is timeless. Her taste is extravagant. The ZYDO Woman understands that the knowledge of owning a one-of-a-kind creation is the symbol of superior status. This is why all of ZYDO’s jewels are flawlessly hand made. The luxurious look, feel and comfort of wearing these exclusive jewels is the trademark of a great jeweler, but ZYDO insists it would not be what it has become had it not been for its muse, the ZYDO Woman.


Today the Zybert family proudly carries on the noble tradition. The legacy of hand crafted fine jewelry made from elegant gems and breathtaking diamonds will remain an Italian asset for all time. ZYDO Italy has grown into a prestigious brand known for its luxuriously avant-garde style and unprecedented quality. We encourage everyone to experience our timeless collections via the new digital display at www.ZYDO.it

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