What does your taste in jewelry say about you?

No matter what type of person you are, at some point or another in your life, you have worn jewelry!. Now, while many of us love using A LOT of jewelry so that we don’t go unnoticed, others like to keep things simple, like a subtle chain with a pendant. Today, we want to discover your taste in jewelry. In exchange for your honesty and time, we’ll tell you what your taste says about you. 

If you want to know exactly what your jewelry, or lack thereof, says about you, go ahead and start this quiz! 

  1. How many carats are too many?
    A. The more the merrier
    B. One
    C. Two
    D. Four
  2. Would you ever wear jewelry?
    A. All the time
    B. Sure, sometimes
    C. No, I don’t have any
    D. Rarely
  3. Do you buy gemstones?
    A. Yes!

    B. No Way!
    C. Some of them
    D. I inherited one, but that’s it
  4. Which of these stones is NOT a semiprecious gemstone:
    A. I don’t care- I love them the same!
    B. Amethyst
    C. Turquoise
    D. Peridot
  5. Do you have pierced ears?
    A. Yes, more than two piercings in each ear!
    B. Yes, just two piercings in each ear
    C. Yes, just one piercing in each ear
    D. No
  6. Besides diamonds, what is a girl’s best friend?
    A. My purse
    B. Puppies
    C. Real buddies?

    D. My significant other
  7. Do you wear something else on your hands besides your wedding ring?
    A. YES- TONS of other rings!
    B. Yes, a few elegant rings
    C. Sure, sometimes
    D. No
  8. Do you layer your necklaces?
    A. All the time!
    B. Sometimes
    C. Not often
    D. What’s that?
  9. Do you have custom-made jewelry?
    A. Yes, It’s fun having one-of-a-kind pieces!
    B. Just my engagement ring
    C. No, most of my jewelry is antique
    D. Not at all
  10. How many bracelets are too many?
    A. Is there a limit?
    B. Ten
    C. Four
    D. One


If most of your answers are A:

You like to be fashionable and creative

Your taste in jewelry is completely eclectic, chaotic, and surprising. You know how to rock any piece of jewelry. From amber to plastic and from bracelets to anklets, you decorate your body with incredible jewelry. You use everything, and you do so with great pride. You may not work in fashion, but you certainly know how to use fashion to your advantage. Good for you honey!


If most of your answers are B:

You don’t spend a lot of money on your jewelry but, Sweetie you are elegant!

You don’t have unlimited cash to spend on mountains of emeralds or rubies, but your taste in jewelry is nothing but elegant. You know how to combine tasteful diamonds with precious and semi-precious stones. When you have the opportunity, you treat yourself to the goods: a diamond or a sapphire. The result is always pure elegance on a reasonable budget. You look spectacular without going broke!


If most of your answers are C:

You are subtle and modest

Your taste in jewelry can be described as minimalist. Most of the time you may not wear anything except for your wedding ring or a bracelet with sentimental value. More than that for everyday purposes is too much for you. In the evenings, a subtle pendant or a simple pair of earrings are all the embellishment you need. If that’s your style, that’s totally fine! Not everyone is crazy about wearing jewelry. Keep your elegance demure, sweetie!


If most of your answers are D:

You think jewelry is not made for you, but it really is!

You like watching this crazy, elegant jewelry world, but you don’t wear jewelry often. You use it for specific and special occasions. You admire how others style their stacks of precious jewelry or how statement pieces can pull a look together, but you don’t dare to try, not because you can’t, but because you prefer not to. Don’t be shy and get daring with jewelry once in a while!

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