What kind of bride are you?

Maybe you don’t know what kind of bride you’ll be. Maybe you do! This quick guide will help you find the perfect engagement ring based on the kind of bride you’ve always dreamed of being.

The romantic bride

If your favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, if you’re in love with love, if you dream about a spring wedding in a park filled with flowers, then a charming 18kt white gold ring featuring 1.14cts of round diamonds is the perfect ring for you.

white gold ring diamonds zydo jewelry
White Gold Ring with Diamonds

Elegant and classic, this ring will be the perfect reminder of your everlasting love.

The fashionista bride

If you’re always checking out celebrities’ engagement rings, if you live for Fashion Week, if you’re obsessed with labels and magazines, then you’ll love this stunning 18kt rose gold ring, featuring 1.36cts of sparkling round and emerald cut diamonds.

rose gold ring diamonds engagement zydo jewelry
Rose gold ring with diamonds

It will seal your eternal love with a touch of red carpet glamour.

The boho bride

You’re different. You don’t want the same wedding as everyone else. You want everything to be natural. Organic, fresh food, maybe a bluegrass band, a bouquet made with white daisies, and a dress so light that it’ll look like you’re walking on air.

A different bride needs a different ring. This exquisite 18kt yellow gold ring featuring 2.78cts of sparkling marquise and pear shaped diamonds arranged as three beautiful flowers is the perfect choice.

Yellow gold ring diamonds engagement zydo jewelry
Yellow gold ring with diamonds

These flowers on your finger will never die, just like your love.

The outrageous bride

You want to be the center of attention every chance you get. You’re over the top, you’re too much, you’re everything. You want it all and you want it now.

This eye catching 18kt gold ring features 2.08cts of dazzling round and emerald cut diamonds set into three bands (one each of rose, white, and yellow gold). You don’t have to choose, you can have it all in this one-of-a-kind piece.

triple banded rose ring white yellow gold diamonds engagement zydo jewelry
Triple Banded Rose, White, and Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds

Love does conquer all… And this three-color gold ring will conquer your demanding heart.

If you didn’t find something that you love and want to keep looking, go to www.zydo.com to explore even more beautiful engagement rings. Let us know what you find! Who knows, maybe we’ll even post a part II.

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