What’s in a Name? The Story of Amethyst Fine Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry has been highly praised since ancient times and remains a prestigious symbol to the present day. This violet variety of quartz plays an important role in modern society as the Birthstone for February, but it has been cherished for countless reasons across cultures and throughout history. Its name alone foreshadows the mysterious and wily existence of the semi-precious stone. The Ancient Greeks named it ‘a méthystos’, which means ‘not intoxicated’. They gave it this name because they believed that the stone had the power to protect its owner from drunkenness.

In ancient times, purple dye was so expensive that commoners were not allowed to wear it. When royals discovered the beautiful violet hues of Amethyst it quickly caught on as a royal gem. Both Egyptian and British royals found it suitable to wear as fine jewelry. Eventually, it rose to unprecedented popularity when Russia’s Catherine the Great donned a pair of undeniably beautiful Siberian Amethyst Girandole earrings that demanded everyone’s attention.
Today we see fine Amethyst Jewelry worn by celebrities such as Italian Supermodel Bianca Balti, Alicia Keys and Zoe Saldana. Needless to say, these jaw-dropping beauties are quite fit for such a powerful jewel. We love it when these divas are spotted sporting Amethyst in white gold jewelry adorned with flickering diamonds on the Red Carpet. The charming combination is certainly captivating to say the least.

Besides the aesthetic value, Amethyst has been thought to hold several different healing and protective properties in astrological beliefs. It is said to promote peace, equilibrium, protection and high-ranking friends. Wearing jewelry with the lovely violet gem has also brought good fortune to hunters and crops. These are all wonderful properties to accompany jewels that make us look like royalty. However, our favorite claim was by Leonardo Da Vinci, who reported that Amethyst seemed to inspire intellect… Indeed Mr. Da Vinci, indeed!

When choosing Amethyst Jewelry, make sure it reflects light smoothly as this will help you determine if it has been cut properly. The value of Amethyst is not determined by carats, but rather by the shade of violet. Russian Amethyst is the most rare form and is characterized by a dark, rich hue.

ZYDO carries several pieces of Amethyst Jewelry for sophisticated collectors and fabulous fashionistas alike. My favorite is this charming 18kt white gold ring from the Allure collection. It features 1.69cts of sparkling white diamonds in a flawless pave setting over a custom cut amethyst weighing 26.35cts. Just like all the other fine pieces in our collection ZYDO Italian Jewelry handcrafted this beautiful cocktail ring in Italy.
Would you prefer a pair of fabulous Italian earrings, instead? Take a look at these stunning 18kt rose gold earrings with diamonds and amethyst from ZYDO’s Italian Jewelry collection, Dome.

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