When destiny strikes – a Story by ZYDO


One of Katherine’s life-long dreams had been to visit the Greek coast in summer. For years she had been in love with its architecture, its sunny weather, and the gorgeous white-blue contrast. She managed to make that dream come true many years ago, and it was unforgettable.

Shortly after arriving, she met a man that would change her life. Nick was a young Greek businessman, and there was something about him that screamed “I’m up for new adventures”. He was charming and elegant, a true gentleman. They started going out that very same day: tasting local food, having dinner under the stars, walking on the beach.

One day, at the beach, Katherine stepped on something and hurt her foot. When Nick checked the sand for the culprit, thinking it was a crab, he noticed a blue gem glistening under the sun. He picked it up: it was a ring, white gold as the Greek sand with diamonds that shone like his lover’s smile, and sapphires as blue as the sea next to them.

Gold ring with diamonds and emerald cut blue sapphires

Seeing Nick on his knees, ring in hand, made Katherine feel amazing and scared at the same time. “I’m not ready”, she stammered. Nick smiled, endeared by her surprised expression. He knew she was the one for him. “When that day comes, I will bring you again to this beach, and you will say yes without me asking”.

That day never came. Even though they promised to stay in touch, life got in the way. However, Katherine never forgot that ring, the way it glistened, the way it could look on her ring finger. She never forgot the unsaid promise of being together and defying love with adventures, smiles, and a simple way of saying “I love you” without pronouncing a single word. She never forgot Nick’s way of showing her what life was really about: the beauty in small things.

Fifteen years after that first encounter, Katherine returned to Greece for business. Every day since booking her flight she wondered if she would run into Nick again. On her first morning back, she visited the café where they met, and the memories returned in full force.

When the owner saw her, he beamed and greeted her enthusiastically. “Breakfast is on us!” he said, while bringing a tray of their best food. On that tray, a white envelope rested along with the abundant meal. “Is this for me?” She asked, puzzled. “Yes. Someone left this for you last night”, he replied. She picked it up, wondering how could anyone know that she’d be at this café, but all questions were forgotten, and her heart started beating really fast, as she recognized the handwriting on the letter within.

“My Dear Katherine:

I’m really happy to see that you have returned to the spot where our love began. I never stopped thinking about you, and the wonderful times we had. Circumstances have kept us apart all of these years, and I challenge you to reunite us.

Until that day arrives, I include here a little memento from our days together: white gold as your smile, shiny diamonds that symbolize your timeless beauty and pure heart, and the blue of the sea that we loved together.

Look inside the envelope for the next clue. You have three days.

Love, Nick.”

After seeing the clue, Katherine was shocked. She quickly finished the meal and thanked the owner. Then she immediately returned to the hotel, checked out, and rushed to the airport, while cancelling all of her scheduled meetings. At the counter, Katherine got the last ticket for her next destination; luckily it was in First Class.

Sitting on the plane, glass of champagne in hand, Katherine admired the ring on her finger and smiled. Her adventure towards true love had just begun.


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