When Destiny Strikes (Part II): Asian Eden


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Part II

“What a trip!” Katherine thought as she got out of the plane in Singapore. She had thrown away her business schedule and raced to the airport after getting Nick’s message. Getting tickets for her destination wasn’t hard; she even managed to snag a First Class seat.  The flight itself was another story. She spent fourteen hours of anxiety and anticipation, barely slept, and hardly tasted the delightful cuisine onboard.

She had never been in Singapore. Night fell in the South Asian city, teeming with life and motion. Inside the taxi, Katherine booked a room in the best hotel in town, her ring glistening in her finger as she typed on her tablet. She was nervous; this was totally out of character for her. Where could she begin to search for Nick in this foreign country?


Katherine lay on the huge bed, her eyes closed, her forehead wrinkled, as she kept searching her memory for clues as to why Nick had sent her there.  Suddenly, a memory came to her:

“Do you ever get tired of this place?” she asked, innocently.

She was lying on Nick’s bed. He’d taken a shower and was drying himself as the sun set in Greece.

“I mean, maybe not tired; but wouldn’t you like to see something different… for a change? You know, the reason why I came here in the first place. I love New York, but…” she trailed off.

He smiled, quietly, as he got dressed. “I understand.”

Nick sat on the bed to put on his socks and shoes.

“I love the sea. We Greeks are children of the sea; but I’ve always loved those amazing gardens from Asia or South America I’ve read about.”  He traced her navel with his finger. “When I’m a millionaire, and you become my wife, we will live in a house with the best garden in the Mediterranean region: plants of many types, fruit trees where you can read your books…”

“And flowers”, she smiled.

“Of all shapes and colors: pink, purple, orange, yellow…”

“But not roses, that’s too cliché,” She joked.

“Come on, didn’t you like the roses I gave you last week?” He pouted, then tickled her.

Katherine’s eyes shot open. She was slightly disappointed that Nick wasn’t next to her. She searched for gardens in Singapore and the image that greeted her looked exactly like the dream garden he described. Her gut told her that she would find him there; but when? Was it too late?


That night, as she had dinner in her suite, the concierge came with a green envelope and a panna cotta she hadn’t ordered.

“Is this for me?” She asked, even though she was already aware that this seemed to be Nick’s M.O. when getting in touch with her.

“Yes, madam,” the man answered. “A gentleman called asking for you. I asked if he had an appointment, but he said he wanted to leave this for you.”


Katherine ate the panna cotta after the concierge left. There was a surprise inside, another jewel. It was a stunning pendant, gold with multi-color sapphires: light blue for the town that first brought them together, green for the plants of the garden, and pink and purple for the flowers. A big round circle surrounded the sapphires: a dome. The Flower Dome of Singapore.

Gold pendant with diamonds and multi-color sapphires

As she admired the jewel, cleaning it with a napkin, Katherine realized that she hadn’t opened the envelope. Handwritten, like the other note, it smelled of fresh ink and Nick’s own intoxicating musk.

“My dear Katherine,

My heart beat loudly when I found out you’d made it to this amazing city on time. I’m looking forward to holding you in my arms again. Find me at our dream garden. It’s here. I wish I could take it with me to our dream home.”

She was determined to go the following morning and finally be reunited with her beloved. But another surprise was waiting for her there.


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