White Gold Championship Ring Features 205 Diamonds

After getting a glimpse of the 205 diamonds featured on the Patriot’s white gold Super Bowl XLIX Championship Ring, there’s only one thing on our minds as football season approaches. How will next year’s ring top this larger than life luxurious beauty and who’s going to win it? But, rather than talk about draft upsets or potential trades, we would prefer to take a look at the history of commemorative jewelry.

Championship rings are a very special part of American tradition. This commemorative fashion piece is a stark contrast to Olympic team sports’ and European club association football tournaments’ Winners’ Medals. The four major team sports leagues in the US: the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association and National Hockey League, all boast this time-honored tradition.

The first of these rings was a World Series ring, given to the members of the New York Giants following their victory in the 1922 World Series over the New York Yankees. Keepsakes such as commemorative pocket watch fobs, decorative pins, tie bars, and cufflinks were standard prior to the emergence of the championship ring in 1922. By the 1930’s, it became the industry standard and has kept that mantle up to today.

The NFL’s latest champions, the New England Patriots, now boast a fourth Super Bowl victory within the previous 15 years. After they won, we had speculated about the design of the franchise’s new ring. As we can see from this photo of the Patriot’s past championship rings, they are typically made from yellow or white gold, and prominently showcase multiple, beautifully adorned diamond settings.

Super Bowl rings customarily include the team name, team logo, and Super Bowl number in Roman numerals. Each of New England’s previous rings indicate the number of championships that they have won throughout their franchise history, with a large diamond set in the shape of the NFL’s famous Vince Lombardi Trophy for each win.

We thought it was likely that their next ring would similarly signify that they’ve won 4 Super Bowls, and it did! The fourth ring’s style also featured the winning game score, 28-24, and the team’s overall record for the season, 15-4. All in all, the final design made for a stunning ring that will be a timeless treasure and help everyone on the team remember the moment when their dreams came true.

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