ZYDO: A Cut Above the Best from Solitaire Magazine

Solitaire Magazine, the premier jewelry magazine in South East Asia, features a 4-page editorial on ZYDO in their latest issue on newsstands now.  The article aptly focuses on ZYDO‘s uncompromising craftsmanship, superior gemstone quality and unique design.  Below you can find the notable quotes as well as a copy of the entire article.  Click on each image to enlarge it and read the complete text.


ZYDO - Solitaire Oct 13 10001

‘David Zybert’s mantra: “The creation of beauty cannot be rushed”, is applied to each piece of jewelry’. 

ZYDO - Solitaire Oct 13 20001

‘Eli Zybert says: “The fine hand-made craftsmanship visible in each component is instantly tangible in the overall look and feel of each piece.”‘ 

ZYDO - Solitaire Oct 13 30001

Eli explains that ZYDO’s design thinking has always been the same – to develop unique, new and distinctive pieces focused on elegance and an attitude of timelessness. “They are designed to never go out of style, are unfettered by fleeting trends and fit well in today’s global economy, where consumers appreciate chic products with long-term value and investment potential”‘

ZYDO - Solitaire Oct 13 40001

To learn more about ZYDO visit our website at http://www.zydo.it/ or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  To browse and shop online the ZYDO jewelry collection in the US visit http://shop.zydoamerica.com/.

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Mauro gellerreply
October 9, 2013 at 10:53 pm

Eli, congratulations ,the material and the designs are excellent ,I will highlight the slogan a cut above the best. wishing a great success !

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