ZYDO's Mother's Day jewelry gift guide

ZYDO’s Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

It’s time to honor that person who does their best for us: our moms. While many physical stores are shut down, ZYDO is still open for business online! Celebrate your mother with the sparkling details in our Mother’s Day selection.

Whether you want to do something special for your own mom, another motherly figure in your life, or even yourself, this much is true: every mom is different. ZYDO celebrates the unique beauty of every woman – and the creative diversity of our wide collection of handcrafted Italian jewelry. 

Explore the Mother’s Day Online Jewelry Gift Guide with us!

You can also see many more amazing options in our collections section! 

ZYDO’s Mother’s Day Online Jewelry Gift Guide

1. Elegant Diamond Pieces

Bracelets are the shining stars of our new diamond jewelry pieces for 2020. They’re a versatile accessory for every outfit and every moment! This year the star of our bracelet collection is this white gold bracelet with 1.36cts of marquise, pear, princess, and round cut diamonds.

ZYDO Italy diamond bracelet from our Mother´s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

This unique design is surely worthy of your jewelry box and deserves the first place in our Mother’s Day Online Jewelry Gift Guide!

2. Round Shape Diamond Jewelry

This year several diamond jewelry trends have captured the attention of all collectors and have conquered the hearts of the most demanding jewelry lovers. But one has definitely stood out from the crowd: spheres.

In  2020, jewelry designers have brought earrings, pendants and rings, celebrating the spherical trend to the runways. A great example is this white gold half-globe pendant with black and white diamonds from ZYDO’s Unique Collection.

Diamond pendant from ZYDO's Mother's Day jewelry gift guide

3. Unforgettable Cocktail Diamond Rings

There are five types of diamond rings every woman should own, and mothers are no exception! However, there is one that should definitely not be missing from any woman’s personal collection: the unforgettable cocktail diamond ring.

This ring is all about elegance and confidence. It’s the perfect companion for all evenings and events where high glamour is the order of the day.

This white gold cocktail ring with diamonds from ZYDO Italy is best in class. This stunning 18k white gold ring showcases 1.86cts of round diamonds arranged in a dazzling starburst pattern.

Diamond ring from ZYDO´s Mother´s Day jewelry gift guide

4. Drop Dead Gorgeous Diamond Earrings 

At ZYDO we don’t just create pieces that celebrate the elegance and sparkle of the diamond. We also design diamond earrings that frame and enhance a mother’s unique beauty

Whether she’s having a business meeting or a dinner party with friends, mothers will look for classic, gorgeous, and versatile earrings that fit the moment. Sometimes long, elegant earrings are one of the best options for these special days! 

Just look at these white gold drop earrings with round and fancy cut diamonds. Part of the Mosaic Collection, they showcase 2.02cts of dazzling marquise, princess cut, and round diamonds, some of which are expertly set to create the look of much larger stones.

Diamond earrings from ZYDO's Mother's Day jewelry gift guide

5. Gemstone Stretch Bracelets

We have a wide selection of diamond bracelets for every occasion. But the ones that have won our hearts are those from our celebrated Stretch collection. 

Every mother needs at least one piece in their jewelry box that is so unique and singular that she’ll stand out no matter where she is. This bracelet is it! 

Our White Gold Stretch Bracelet With Diamonds And Blue Sapphires is one of the most celebrated gemstone bracelets in our collection—and it will place you firmly at the center of attention.

Diamond bracelet from ZYDO´s Mother´s Day jewelry gift guide

6. Heart-Shaped Jewelry 

The way to a mother’s heart is through meaningful gestures that express how you truly feel. The classic choice is the universal symbol of love: heart-shaped jewelry. Every mother has their own unique beauty- yours deserves a gift that stands out! Our Rose Gold Medium Heart Pendant With Diamonds from the Classic Chic collection has the warm colors and beautiful lines that express the lifelong love you have for the most important woman in your life! 

Diamond pendant from ZYDO's Mother's Day jewelry gift guide

Your search for the perfect gift ends here! 

Now you’re ready to choose the perfect gift from our Mother’s Day Online Jewelry Gift Guide. Whatever you choose, whether for yourself or the incredible mom in your life, it will last a lifetime! It will be a permanent reminder of the affection, love and admiration you will always feel for that very special person! 

You can see these and more sparkling diamond pieces at our ZYDO.com online store. There you will find incredible beauties like the ones we show you on our Youtube channel:

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