ZYDO Presents: A Necklace Story


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Dear Lynn was searching for jewelry, to go with her blouse.

Her make-up was on and she just did her hair,

Now all that she needed was holiday flair.


Lynn was in such a hurry and moving so fast

She provoked a short visit from the Ghost of Fine Jewelry Past.

The spirit approached then said not to fear,

For the answer was simple and had always been near.


As classic as tales that will always be told

The spirit said, “There’s one type of jewelry 40,000 years old.”

So Lynn made some hot cocoa and had a chat with the sage,

Then learned that the necklace was from the Stone Age.


The story began with one single strand

Used to bind colorful stones collected by hand.

Using gems, shells and coral, plus carved pieces of wood,

The importance of style was well understood.


Since the birth of the necklace we’ve seen cultural ties

Giving good rhyme and reason to what a stylish girl buys.

There was a time long ago when jewelers only used strings,

Not metal or chains, or any such things.


It was the Bronze Age jewelers who learned to melt metal

And could shape it with skill into a beautiful petal.

Then came the Roman Empire with skills in glass blowing,

Next was the Mesopotamians, who cut gems just for the showing.


Amid the Dark Ages between shield and blade

Skilled armorers made jewelry and favored the trade.

They learned from great jewelers who had done it before

And leveraged their skillsets to create even more.


The Middle Ages saw jewelry pause for a while,

Due to laws and hard times averting the style.

In the 15th century jewelry came back with a blast,

Now more about fashion than it was in the past.


The Renaissance girls loved pearls and gold pendants

Still favored today by their modern descendants.

Soon after came the much loved Riviére,

Then facetted diamonds that flash through the air.


When Art Nouveau first arrived on the scene,

Over production saw jewelry grow a little less keen.

Then style returned to those who let go,

And shortly, shaped up from the rise of Art Deco.


Next came a new age, with new modern art,

But this was a story the spirit just couldn’t start.

So the spirit bid her farewell and a holiday pleasant,

Then left giving way to the Ghost of Fine Jewelry Present.


The trendy new spirit came in with a clatter

And looking at Lynn, asked, “dear, what’s the matter?”

Lynn told her the problem, still troubled with doubt,

She needed some jewelry, so she could go out.


“You need worry not,” The Ghost of Fine Jewelry Present replied,

For true beauty, in purest, comes from inside.

But there’s one type of jewelry worn close to the heart

It was born into style where it’s been since the start,

And has changed only slightly, alongside science and art.


With a little warm cocoa, Lynn realized it quick

Necklace fashion may change, but the style will stick.

So, pleased by her answer, the spirit moved quick,

Then gave her a necklace that came from Saint Nick.


It was covered in diamonds and made from white gold

And perfect for nights when the weather got cold.

With an elegant look and a luxurious feel,

The piece was by ZYDO, so she knew it was real.


She thanked the good spirit, for her new timeless treasure

The stylish piece would bring infinite pleasure.

So with a hug and a wink the spirit took flight,

Now happy to know that Lynn was alright.


The spirit then rose and turned into light

But not before wishing, with all of its might,

“Happy fine jewelry to all, and to all a good night!”


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