The ZYDO Woman Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our fine jewelry give-a-way winners

Thank you so much to all of the beautiful women who participated in the ZYDO Woman Timeless Treasure challenge. We have enjoyed all of your wonderful pictures and truly appreciate your creative styles. The top five fashionable, empowered and sophisticated contestants will be cordially invited to participate in our new series on the blog, The Stylish Lives of ZYDO Women. Everyone wants to know more about the style choices and creative passions of these woman who have captured our attention.

That’s right, ladies, this is your time to shine!


Honorable ZYDO Woman Secondary Prize Winners

Amber Norell @ambernorell for styling the hair and makeup in her submission, the ultimate #ZYDOwoman.

Lynn Cathryn Walters @lynncatwalters for her lovely selection of charming, stylish and heartwarming photos.

Sara Anne @skleipe for sharing a charismatic portrait that glows with beauty.

Nichol Perez @nilimo for her fashion savvy sense of style and poise.



And the 18kt white gold pendant with round and princess cut diamonds goes to…

Carley Smith @carleys26 for capturing the essence of a timeless treasure of luxury in a surreal moment.

All of our contestants had such charming style in their photos that we had to select our Grand Prize-Winner based on a tie breaking second photo. Congratulations, @carleys26, for capturing the essence of a timeless treasure and winning the 18kt white gold pendant by ZYDO. We can’t help but be inspired by the luxurious feel of this surreal moment.  The entrancing lake house photo of Carley catching some sun and enjoying the view with her cute little dog during a spring vacation, perfectly captures the essence of enjoying the moment. A truly timeless treasure in life.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us, Carley, we will contact you to arrange overnight shipping.




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