ZYDO’s 2018 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Every mother deserves to be celebrated and revered every single day of the year.

Keeping the family running, inside and outside the home, is something special.

So if there’s a day of the year when we should go all out to honor and repay our moms, it’s definitely on Mother’s Day.

Whether you want to do something special for your own mom, another motherly figure in your life, or even yourself, this much is true: not all moms are the same. Their styles and personalities are as diverse and amazing as any other women in the world.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a jewelry gifting guide fit for each type of mom out there. Let us help you shop for the most important woman in your life! If you’re a mom, don’t hesitate to share this guide with your loved ones or even use it to pick something out for yourself. You’ve earned it!

The Trendy Mom

Rose Gold Flower Ring with Fancy Cut Diamonds
Rose Gold Flower Ring with Fancy Cut Diamonds

Let’s start with the type of mother who never forgets to keep up with fashion.

Despite the challenges of child-rearing, this mom never loses her love of new things: hot hangouts, exotic foods, and of course, the most on-trend styles.

The trendy mom is the envy of the playground with her bottomless style savvy, but she’ll win their respect and admiration by becoming the fashion guru of her circle.

A ring like this 18kt rose gold flower ring with fancy cut diamonds is ideal for the Trendy Mom to accompany her during her outings chasing the latest trends for her and her family. With 2.79 carats of sparkling marquise and pear-shaped diamonds arranged as three beautiful flowers, the trendy mom can match this gorgeous ring with her brand new Apple Watch and a capsule wardrobe made from this Spring’s must-have items.

The Career Mom

Yellow Gold Round Stud Earrings with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds Illusion Set
Yellow Gold Round Stud Earrings with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds Illusion Set

Having a child or two hasn’t stopped this mom from putting in the hours at her demanding job, while keeping a balance between motherhood and business.

She’s a fighter who climbs the corporate ladder and still makes it home for dinner with her kids.

This balancing act is harder than the Career Mom makes it look, so she needs to wear pieces that will help her look put together at the office but also delight the social circles at playtime. Nothing flashy – just classic, gorgeous, and versatile, like her.

These yellow gold stud earrings surely fit the bill. This take on traditional studs is crafted from 18kt yellow gold round settings sporting 1.28cts of marquise and princess cut diamonds, expertly set to create the look of much larger stones, and sparkling round diamonds. She should wear her hair back bring out their subtle but mesmerizing shine.

The Stay-at-Home Mom

White Gold Infinity Bracelet with Diamonds
White Gold Infinity Bracelet with Diamonds

The moms in this category are all about entertaining her guests and keeping a gorgeous home. From grand-slam holiday dinners with family to book club with best friends, the moms that love to make their house a home are beloved.

Don’t imagine they’re old-fashioned or clueless when it comes to style! The Stay-at-Home Mom loves to look good, whether it’s taking the kids to playdates, soccer, Scouts, or clarinet, grocery shopping… you get the idea!

Style for the stay-at-home mom needs to keep it simple and low maintenance – straight and to the point. This beautiful infinity bracelet from the Dainty collection is right up her alley. Made from 18kt white gold, it features 0.27cts of round diamonds, which shine on in an infinity symbol shape. As a modern take on the classic diamond bracelet, this bracelet emphasizes the fact that the bond between a mother and her children is as infinite as their love for each other.

The Pinterest Mom

Rose Gold Stretch Ring with Diamonds, Rubies, and Multicolor Sapphires
Rose Gold Stretch Ring with Diamonds, Rubies, and Multicolor Sapphires

For the Pinterest mom, it’s all about color.

She’s a hands-on mom who is constantly trying (and succeeding) at hacking her home life. Her house decor is the ultimate #HomeGoals. She’s the master of the slow cooker and can DIY almost anything.

When this mom is knee-deep in her home projects, she needs a gorgeous accessory that will highlight her natural beauty, without getting in the way of her crafting. To keep up with her colorful yet polished style, how about this stretch ring with diamonds, rubies and multicolor sapphires? It’s easy on and off, and its Italian craftsmanship will last a lifetime.

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The Glamour Mom

ZYDO White Gold Drop Earrings with Round and Emerald Cut Diamonds
ZYDO White Gold Drop Earrings with Round and Emerald Cut Diamonds

The Glamour Mom looks fresh out of a Vogue spread.

To her, life is about having the best and showing it off.  Every day is red carpet day, and she’s more than ready to rise to any occasion in her schedule. You’ll never see this mom running to the grocery store in velour sweats, trust us. Her kids always look Picture Day perfect, and no matter how chaotic her day may get, you won’t see a single hair out of place.

The natural choice for the Glamour Mom is this set of white gold drop earrings with round and emerald cut diamonds, hands down. These treasures are part of the Mosaic Collection, and they showcase 2.41cts of round and emerald cut diamonds, expertly set to create the look of much larger stones.


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Whatever you pick for your mother will last a lifetime.

Experience the unforgettable, and embrace eternal beauty with ZYDO.


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