Hello ZYDO fans, and welcome to our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! It’s never too early to start looking at gift options, whether it be for a family member, friend, new love interest, or yourself! If you love jewelry or know someone who does, you’ll definitely want to read on.

Jewelry always makes a great holiday gift, because there is something for everyone! ZYDO knows that variety and choice in both style and price points are key to choosing jewelry as a present, which is why we make sure that our creations meet all types of customers’ needs.

In this blog, we’re going to explore some of ZYDO’s gift recommendations for this holiday season. We’ve chosen a broad array of items for you to explore, and remember, you can also find many of our pieces online with our select retail partners, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Gump’s, Trice Jewelers, and Moyer Fine Jewelers or you can head to our website to peruse our entire catalog of beautiful baubles for yourself! Just be sure to order in advance, as we get very busy around the holidays!

Before we continue, take a moment to read about ZYDO’s fun and exciting fall Trunk Show Season. Luckily, we have some more Trunk Shows coming up for you in December!

  • December 2 and 3: Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples, Florida
  • December 9 and 10: Saks Fifth Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia
  • December 16 and 17: Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • December 23 and 24: Neiman Marcus, Boca Raton, Florida

Now, let’s pick out some gifts for the holidays, shall we?!


A Special Bracelet

Most young girls love to play dress up and try on their mom’s, aunt’s, or grandmother’s jewelry. If you have a daughter or another special little girl in your life that fits this description, ZYDO offers some terrific options for giving them their first piece of fine jewelry.

This Rose Gold Flower Bracelet from our Luminal Collection is the absolute perfect choice. Crafted in 18kt rose gold, this lovely bracelet features a gorgeous flower made up of 1.53 cts of pear-cut pink sapphires, complemented by a small diamond in the flower’s center. 

This sweet bracelet won’t let you down! Plus, it comes in other colors of metal and stones, in case pink isn’t your daughter’s favorite color. One thing is for sure – this bracelet will be in her jewelry box for years to come, and she’ll always remember how excited she was to open her holiday present and receive her first very own piece of fine jewelry!

A Pendant for Good Fortune

Another great option for your daughter is this Diamond Hand Pendant, showcasing .32 cts of round diamonds in a delicate, 18kt white gold setting. The hand symbol, traditionally called a Hamsa, is thought to be a sign of protection that brings its owner health, happiness, luck, and good fortune. 

This pendant is small yet mighty. It symbolizes all of the wonderful things that you desire for your daughter as she grows up. Additionally, the modest diamond charm that gracefully hangs from the white gold chain adds an extra element of elegance and sparkle to this necklace, making for a delightful gift.

This necklace will never go out of style. The hand symbol has existed for centuries, so this charm will always be relevant, whether she’s eight, 18, or 80. This is a classic piece that your daughter can continue to use for years to come and even pass down to her daughter one day!


 A Rockin’ Ring

You know that friend of yours who’s rocker-chic? She likes to keep up with the latest trends but still appreciates fine craftsmanship and pieces made to last. Well, we have the ideal ring just for her.

This 18kt white gold Jagged Pave Ring is sold online through Neiman Marcus, one of our fine jewelry retail partners. Featuring .49 cts of pavé set white diamonds in a jagged pattern, the diamonds’ brilliance gives this ring its grandeur, while its lightning-bolt like shape keeps it fun and contemporary.

Your friend will jump for joy when she opens this thoughtful present and realizes how you’ve considered her personality and style when choosing the ideal gift for your bestie!

 Hip Hoops

Have you ever been getting ready for a night out with a friend and realize that you forgot to wear earrings? So when you ask to borrow a pair, you’re shocked to find out that she doesn’t have any to lend you! 

Instead of calling her out on her lack of accessories, this is the perfect opportunity for you to surprise her with a gift of hoop earrings. But these aren’t just any hoops – these are ZYDO’s Rainbow Hoop Earrings! Diamonds, blue and pink sapphires, and other multi-colored gemstones are set in luscious 18kt yellow gold, which really brings out their colors.

The stones are set so that the hoops maintain a continuous rainbow effect. These hoops are both classy and playful, which makes them an amazing gift for an even more amazing friend!


Mothers do so much for us, most of which we don’t even realize until much later in life. That’s why your mom deserves the best of the best this holiday season!

 Stretch Style

One way to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her over the holidays is by giving her the gift of an item from ZYDO’s Stretch Collection. Pieces from our Stretch Collection are comfortable, but they’re also versatile and come in a large variety of styles, metals, and colors.

If your mom is more on the traditional side, ZYDO suggests one of our Yellow Gold Stretch bracelets or rings with diamonds. We carry various models set in 18kt yellow gold, so there’s no way you can go wrong! 

Select from:

  1. This three-tiered bracelet, featuring 6.70 cts of round diamonds;
  2. This thick stretch ring band, boasting 3.23 cts of marquise-cut diamonds; or,
  3. This classic tennis bracelet, showcasing 14.23 cts of emerald-cut diamonds. 

If your mom likes something more colorful, ZYDO has plenty of options in our Stretch Collection to help her add that exciting pop of color to her ensemble. We also carry pieces with black diamonds!

Choose between: 

  1. This multicolored stretch ring, boasting 3.71 cts of sapphires, accentuated by .37 cts of glitzy round diamonds in 18 kt rose gold;
  2. This 18kt white gold art-deco stretch bracelet, exhibiting 4.92 cts of black diamonds; or, 
  3. This impressive open-style rainbow stretch bracelet in 18kt yellow gold, presenting 10.55 cts of deliciously multi-colored sapphires, 1.34 cts of vibrant tsavorite garnets, and 0.70 cts of sparkling diamonds.


One of these dazzling ZYDO Stretch Collection classics is bound to make your mom giddy with happiness!


The holidays always present an opportunity for you to shine when you purchase your loved one the perfect gift she had in mind. Remember, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend, and more so during the holiday season! ZYDO has some amazing diamond and precious gemstone gift options for you to choose from, making gift-giving this season an easy and unforgettable experience.

Unique Gems

ZYDO is known for its quality of diamonds, and that doesn’t just apply to the standard black and white. This amazing white and yellow gold ring features a total of 5.32 cts of diamonds, including stunning marquise-cut white diamonds and a showstopping, cushion-cut cognac diamond! 

Fancy-colored diamonds are some of the most unique gemstones that exist, as they are rare to find in gem quality. Presenting this ring to the most important person in your life will “rock” their world 😉

Nothing will show her how much you love her more than this incredible diamond work of art. Grab a box of kleenex before she opens her present because she will surely shed tears of joy!

Go Big!

The holiday season often brings fun and fashionable holiday parties. These get-togethers are a great reason to get all dressed up and put on your nicest, fanciest jewelry. That being said, how would it feel to put on these marvelous diamond drop earrings and show them off throughout the night?

These 18kt white gold drop earrings showcase 15.32 carats of round, marquise, and pear-cut diamonds. They’re so shiny, everyone will be looking for the disco ball in the room when you wear them! These earrings are also the perfect length to wear with any type of top or neckline, so don’t be shy about showing them off!

Even if you aren’t used to wearing such glamorous jewelry, this pair of earrings is so stunning that you won’t ever want to take them off! It’s safe to say that whoever gives you a gift this incredible loves and cherishes you immensely.

Friends, we’ve come to the end of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! We hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing some of ZYDO’s suggestions for this holiday season and that they’ve been helpful in considering what types of gifts you’re looking to both give and receive.

Remember, you can find the complete selection of all of our jewels on our webpage, where you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you’re always up-to-date on our new collections, special events, promotions, and everything else ZYDO!


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