ZYDO’s 3 Favorite Trends from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week has just come to a close but the styles have made a lasting impression on us all. We love watching the new trends each year, but this season a few really stood out. Here are our 3 favorite trends, complete with fine jewelry suggestions to pair with the looks.

Madcap Aristocrat

3 madcap aristocrat models for our fine jewelry suggestions

Aristocrats with eccentric styles always appeal to our avant-garde senses. The Madcap Aristocrat alludes to an over-the-top, European style with an undeniably powerful presence. Her jewelry needs to command attention with a graceful, soft-spoken elegance so we would suggest she choose from a fine Italian collection, such as Classic Chic, where she will find pieces as charming as these dazzling, handmade, 18kt white gold earrings, which showcase 3 half circles lined up with 0.40cts of sparkling round diamonds.

handmade Italian White gold earrings with diamonds

These 18kt white gold earrings from our collection, Dome, could also work well with this style, as they would play into the trend’s gothic nature. They showcase 0.30cts of sparkling diamonds and custom cut black onyx weighing 9.62cts. (They can also be made in yellow or rose gold upon request.)

Italian white gold earrings with black onyx

Studio 54

fine jewelry and butterfly earrings return with studio 54 trend

The 70’s just called – they said they’re bringing the party back to fashion. Glitter, sequins, bellbottoms and stripes galore; this blast from the past is here to have fun! So how can she find fine jewelry that will match the energy level of Betsy Johnson? We would point her in the direction of ZYDO’s Online Italian Jewelry Shop, where, among others, she will find these impressive, 18kt white gold earrings, which showcase 15.05cts of dazzling round diamonds in a flawless pave setting.

handmade italian Gold earrings with diamonds pave set

Shearling Standouts


We’re happy to see a smart material like wool make such a strong comeback. This resource can be used to create luxurious looks that keep out the cold AND animals do not get hurt in the process. The refined style and timeless charm of this classic textile will require very charismatic fine jewelry, so we might start by browsing Dome once again.

Italian cocktail ring with diamonds and black onyx

For example, this 18kt white and rose gold ring would complement the common elements of Shearling. It showcases a stunning custom cut black onyx, weighing 4.80cts, which is accentuated by 0.77cts of sparkling diamonds. The rose gold will work very well with the lighter shades of beige, while the black onyx helps tone down the sparkling diamonds. Together, this ring and a Shearling outfit will create an incredible look worthy of the ZYDO Woman.


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