ZYDO’s Exceptional Jewels Dazzle the Runway

ZYDO, one of the premier Italian jewelry designers, is known to jewelry connoisseurs for conceiving and creating some of the most exclusive and exceptional jewels anywhere.  In its history its creations have been worn and cherished by royals, celebrities, fashionistas and jewelry lovers alike.  They have also graced the red carpet and countless runways.

ZYDO Fashion Show 1

ZYDO’s jewels are the perfect fashion complement.  The boldness and elegance that characterize every single ZYDO design guarantees immediate recognition and amazement during fashion shows.  The stunning creations never disappear, rather they always enhance the outfit associated to them.

ZYDO Fashion Show 3

Additionally, ZYDO’s unrivaled craftsmanship and quality is a crucial feature, as the striking jewels are sure to always lie perfectly on the models’ necks, ears and hands.

ZYDO Fashion Show 4

ZYDO’s impressive collection is available worldwide at some of the best and most elegant jewelry boutiques.  In the US, jewelry lovers can browse and shop ZYDO’s creation in their first and only online shop at: http://shop.zydoamerica.com.  Prepare yourself to be amazed and become part of the ZYDO lifestyle.

ZYDO Fashion Show 2


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