ZYDO’s Exquisite Jewelry Featured in Solitaire Magazine

ZYDO in Solitaire Aug-Sept 13Solitaire Magazine, the finest jewelry publication in South-East Asia, visited New York City a couple of months ago to meet the world’s elite jewelry brands and to produce a breathtaking photo-shoot featuring their creations.  The resulting images are now gracing the pages of this month’s issue of the magazine and they are just beautiful.

Solitaire made sure to include a number of ZYDO‘s exquisite jewels, which were photographed all together forming an elegant, yet dazzling ensemble.  The image, which you can see here, features four alluring and stand-out colorful jewels: the impressive oversize earrings, the exquisite layered necklace, the one-of-a-kind butterfly brooch, and the vibrant belt bracelet.

ZYDO‘s love of unusual design and arresting style is apparent in all of these creations.  Each of them could serve as that remarkable and notable piece of jewelry, which adds a striking touch to a woman’s outfit and makes it pop.

ZYDO distributes these and its other creations in some of the best jewelry retailers worldwide and in its own US online shop.  The photographed jewels are part of the Century Collection, the Rainbow Collection, and the Blooming Collection.  Click on the links and be captivated by all the other ZYDO jewels, which range from every day-wear to couture-wear.


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