ZYDO’s Favorite Dresses from the Oscars Red Carpet


We always look forward to the Academy Awards ceremony because it’s a big night for the stars. While many nervous, nominated actors and actresses anxiously wait to see if their names will be called to take home an Oscar, several prefer to steal the pre-show, known best as the Oscars Red Carpet Live. These fashionable ladies and gentlemen seem to be contending for the title of Best Dressed, so we decided to honor our favorite outfits with a spotlight encore.

Here are our three favorite celebrity outfits from the evening:

 Chrissy Teigen Marchesa Dress

  1. Chrissy Teigen’s Unique Sheer Marchesa Dress

Chrissy Teigen’s outfit complemented the Red Carpet and her warm pregnancy glow perfectly. Her charismatic look resulted from a balance of pristine detail and effortless style. The intricate Marchesa dress worked extremely well with her soft and romantic beauty look. It’s quite obvious that when your skin is as magnificent as an expectant mother’s you do not need much to bring out your best. We absolutely adored her decision to complete her look with a simple – yet stunning – braid.

Gold earrings with rose cut diamonds and cabochon rubies by ZYDO Italian Jewelry If our stylists had an opportunity to contribute to Chrissy’s outfit, they might have suggested a pair of gold earrings with rose cut diamonds and cabochon rubies. These handcrafted 18kt rose gold earrings would add an extra touch of luxury to her flawless look. They showcase 25.69cts of lavish round and oval cabochon rubies, as well as 0.48cts of sparkling rose cut diamonds.

Of course, they would contribute to the pristine side of her balanced look, as the superior Italian craftsmanship is evident in every little handmade detail, which accommodate the different stones.

Alicia Vikander’s yellow Louis Vuitton gown with silver embellishments at Oscars Red Carpet Show

  1. Alicia Vikander’s Custom Yellow Louis Vuitton Gown

Alicia Vikander took home one of our Best Dressed Awards in addition to an Oscar. Her stunning yellow Louis Vuitton gown captured our attention on the Red Carpet, but it was her performance in The Danish Girl that earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. After winning her award, she told reporters that she wanted to have dinner and then dance the night away. Her custom gown could not have been more perfect for the evening as the bubble skirt would allow her to bring her best moves onto the dance floor, while looking as elegant as a Disney princess.

white gold pendant earrings with diamonds by ZYDO's Italian jewelry designersWe agree with Refinery 29’s opinion that, “her half up baby bun and healthy, flowing length looks just chic and simple enough to work.” However, our stylists might have suggested a pair of white gold pendant earrings with diamonds fit for a queen. For example, these impressive 18kt white gold pendant earrings showcase 20.32cts of dazzling marquise, pear, and round shaped diamonds in a sure to stand out flowing design. Plus, they were handcrafted in Italy!

Saiorse Ronan wearing a green sequined luxury dress and fine jewelry on the Oscars Red Carpet

  1. Saoirse Ronan’s Custom Green Calvin Klein Dress

Our final award for Best Dressed goes to the heart-warming attire worn by the charming Irish actress, Saoirse Ronan. We adored her sweet nod to her home country, which consisted of a green dress and a single emerald earring paired with a white earring of the same design.

According to Refinery 29, “hairstylist Adir Abergel crafted her imperfect hair look by letting Ronan’s locks air-dry. He then set her hair with Velcro rollers, did some light teasing for volume, then locked in the style with a mist of John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray.” Abergel said, “I wanted to give her an undone, textured blowout with a brushed out beautiful wave, hand-raked back away from the face.”

yellow gold ring with green sapphires and fine white diamonds by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

We think the designer and beauty team did an excellent job preparing her for the big night. If we were asked to add a touch of Italian jewelry to her ensemble, we would advise wearing this fabulous gold ring with sapphires and diamonds. The sapphires on such a ring would have contributed a stylish splash of green to represent Ireland and the gold could have complemented the red and gold themed event.

ZYDO’s colorful, handcrafted 18kt yellow gold ring showcases 12.03cts of multicolored sapphires, chiefly green cabochons. The large green sapphires are placed in clusters along with round yellows and green ones, sprinkled with 0.31cts of round diamonds. Because it was made by hand in the heart of Italy, it would be the perfect accent piece for a fashion-forward actress at her next big event!


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