ZYDO’s Guide to Necklace Layering!

You all remember the popular television series Orange is the New Black, no? Well, from that iconic title emerged the jewelry-related phrase “stacks are the new black,” referring to the growing trend and popularity of stacking ones rings. But, rings aren’t the only piece of jewelry that can be worn in sets…so let’s look at how to layer necklaces with ZYDO Italy!
Referring to layered necklaces as a new or recent trend wouldn’t really be correct, as this fashion has never really gone out of style. The great part about layering necklaces is that it’s easy, you can easily do it yourself, and you can choose whether you want to go for a classic, chic, modern, or heavier look. No matter what, layering your necklaces is definitely a great way to make a statement with your ZYDO jewelry.

In this month’s blog, ZYDO wants to show you some options for how to layer your necklaces. We’ll provide recommendations for various styles of necklaces to make sure there’s a little something for everyone!

1. Keep it Simple

Now, the ideas of layering necklaces and layered necklaces are not quite the same. Layered necklaces come as a single entity and a whole design. You have two or three different looking or similar-looking necklaces designed together in layered necklaces. Such necklaces give a balanced look and save you from the trouble of choosing and wearing multiple necklaces to fill your neckline.
ZYDO Italy has some great options of layered necklaces for you to choose from, such as the following pieces.

For a great layered necklace, consider the double chain necklace with round and fancy cut diamonds from our Mosaic Collection. Our master jewelers expertly set 2.17 cts of round and fancy cut diamonds in our luxurious 18kt white gold. Some of the stones are arranged in a way that creates the look of much larger diamonds, making this layered necklace appear larger than life! As this necklace is pre-layered, it’s great for women on-the-go, as you can skip the hassle of selecting multiple pieces and separately clasping each necklace.

One way to create a layered necklace is by taking a super long necklace, such as the 18kt white gold and diamond stunner featured here, and wrap it multiple times around your neck. This will provide you with multiple layers of the same necklace, which is great if you’re running out the door and want to go for something elegant yet simple. This necklace is a classic, with its diamond tennis motif, and will get you through the day and night with sparkle to spare!


2. Vary your Chain Lengths

Another great way to layer necklaces is to use pieces with varying chain lengths. By staggering your chain lengths, you allow each individual necklace to shine and add depth and texture to your outfit. Begin by putting on your shortest chain and add two, three, or four more necklaces until you feel satisfied with the look. Adjust the spacing to your liking, and remove or add necklaces based on your preference.

This style also gives you the opportunity to mix and match metals, gemstones, and necklaces with and without pendants or charms. Look at how the model combines shorter statement diamond chokers with dainty yellow and white gold chains featuring colored gemstone pendants, and finishes off the look with a simple 18kt white gold and diamond necklace.


3. Take One of Your Favorites and Multiply It!

Do you ever find a piece of jewelry that you love SO much that you want it in every color and style? If so, we totally understand! Layering necklaces is perfect for taking one of your favorite styles and replicating it in multiple gemstones and metals. Tradition may say to pair silver with silver and gold with gold, but who cares? Go ahead and create an edgy yet chic look by mixing white, rose, and yellow gold and incorporating multiple colors of gemstones in-between.

Take our colored gemstone and diamond flower pendants, for example. If you’re a flower fanatic, this is the perfect necklace for you – and why not get it in multiple iterations? Try layering the white gold and blue sapphire combo with the yellow gold and ruby style, and add in the rose gold and pink sapphire, yellow gold and emerald or yellow sapphire, or white gold and white diamond version while you’re at it!

ZYDO Italy knows that a great necklace can make or break an outfit, and, at times, a single necklace is just not enough. If you feel that you need something more to express your personal style, whether it’s a basic white tee shirt or a little black dress, try layering! We hope that this mini tutorial helps you master the art of layering ZYDO Italy’s gorgeous selection of necklaces just like a pro!

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