ZYDO’s Jaw-Dropping Jewelry on the Cover of Solitaire Magazine

Solitaire Magazine, the premier jewelry publication in Asia, has chosen ZYDO’s jewelry for their latest cover.  Issue 68, the December/January edition, features an exquisite ZYDO suite, showcasing sparkling diamonds and vibrant rubies.

The one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping, and just remarkable jewels exemplify ZYDO’s penchant for stylish and remarkable creations.  The perfect wearability and complex volumes are immediately evident even on picture highlighting the superior Italian manufacturing, which is one of ZYDO’s hallmarks.

Visit any international newsstand or visit Solitaire’s website to order your copy of this beautiful issue.  And don’t forget to visit ZYDO’s websites to browse and shop other breathtaking pieces of jewelry.

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