Tops Gemstone Jewelry every woman must own

ZYDO’s Top Gemstones That Every Woman Must Own

Sophisticated ZYDO women know that when they buy jewelry from ZYDO, they are choosing a timeless, classic, and elegant sparkling piece. ZYDO uses 18 kt Italian gold in all of its jewelry, but the real standouts are the gemstones!

Gemstones have always held an intrinsic value, which is why they have been used throughout history as jewelry, adornments, and healing instruments. The world of gems includes a range greater than most of our imaginations, but in today’s blog, we are going to discuss some of ZYDO’s most popular and widely-used gemstones.

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Diamond – A Girl’s Best Friend

Nobody can hear the word “diamond” without thinking of grace, style, and class. ZYDO ensures that all diamonds used in its jewelry are of the finest quality. 

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (from 1 to 10), diamonds are the hardest mineral, which is why they maintain such a beautiful, shiny polish! 

If you’ve ever been diamond shopping, or accompanied a friend to pick out some exquisite diamond jewelry, you might have heard the experts refer to the four Cs of diamonds. These Cs refer to a diamond’s Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight, which are all important factors to consider when choosing the jewelry of your dreams.

Diamonds naturally come in a range of colors. Some of these colors include black, yellow, champagne, and cognac. ZYDO Italy fabricates its high-end, gold jewelry using various colors of diamonds to entice its distinguished clients.

Diamond Rings, part of ZYDO Italy Gemstone Jewelry

If you’re a diamond lover, we recommend ZYDO’s 18 kt white and yellow gold ring with 5.32 cts of white and cognac diamonds, as it will hypnotize anyone who sees your hand.

Ruby – A Symbol of Purity and Passion

Rubies are considered the most popular colored gemstone. Throughout history, they have been used to represent royalty and nobility.

These colorful gemstones are found in various shades of red, from a rich, dark red, to the coveted pigeon blood red, and a lighter, pinkish red. They are the second hardest mineral behind diamonds, making them a great option for use in any type of jewelry and occasion.

One of the particularities of this gemstone is that some extraordinary pieces can command prices even higher than diamonds of a similar carat weight and quality!

Ruby earrings, part of ZYDO Italy Gemstone Jewelry

Here at ZYDO, our master jewelers are entranced by the pink to red hues and beauty of this amazing stone. These 18 kt white gold ruby and diamond huggie earrings feature almost 9 cts of oval brilliant cut rubies to dazzle on your earlobes.

Emerald – Celebrating 55 years of Marriage

Anyone on the cusp of celebrating his or her 55th wedding anniversary certainly deserves an emerald to commemorate the occasion! Prized emeralds are found across the world and can display different hues of green depending on their origin, but no matter the source, it will sparkle in your exquisite piece of jewelry.

The emerald was Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone, so if you love emeralds, you are in good company. Emeralds are much softer than diamonds and rubies. This makes them a bit more delicate, but with the proper care, an emerald will last for centuries. 

Emerald Rings, part of ZYDO Italy Gemstone Jewelry

The “emerald-cut” is one of the most popular shapes for an emerald, used to maximize the gem’s color. This 18 kt white gold diamond and emerald ring shows off the amazing shape of this 7.76 emerald-cut emerald, which will shine brilliantly on your finger.

Sapphire – Taste the Rainbow

Traditionally, sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. It is often associated with royalty and romance. No woman can ever go wrong with a true blue sapphire, but there is so much more to this amazing stone.

Like rubies, sapphires are also a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, so they are also the second-hardest mineral behind diamonds.

Sapphires come in the sparkling rich blue color we all recognize, but they also come in almost every color of the rainbow – including pink, peach, orange, yellow, green, teal, purple, and white. 

Sapphire bracelet, part of ZYDO Italy Gemstone Jewelry Sapphire bracelet, part of ZYDO Italy Gemstone Jewelry Sapphire bracelet, part of ZYDO Italy Gemstone Jewelry

ZYDO’s exclusive Stretch collection makes beautiful use of different colored sapphires to give your wrist a splash of color. These amazing bracelets come in a variety of stone and metal colors, such as blue sapphires with diamonds in 18 kt white gold, yellow sapphires with diamonds in 18 kt yellow gold, and pink sapphires with diamonds in 18 kt rose gold. ZYDO really does offer the entire rainbow of sapphires!

No matter what stone is your favorite, ZYDO Italy is bound to have a design that you will love and cherish. Whether it be a sapphire bracelet, ruby earrings, or a huge emerald or diamond ring, we guarantee that you will love your ZYDO jewelry. 

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