ZYDO’s Top Jewelry Picks for Trending Fall Fashion

Most women take a significant amount of time to pick the perfect outfit. Although some ensembles take more time and planning to put together than others, one thing is for sure – accessorizing with sparkling jewelry can make or break a look. That’s why ZYDO Italy offers a variety of colorful, unique, and diverse pieces to complement the latest fashion trends.

Here, we’ll explore the fall fashion trends that, when combined with ZYDO jewelry, will complete your stunning look! When accessorizing, always think about how your jewelry can be integrated with your favorite wardrobe pieces. This way you can’t go wrong!

Before we continue, take a look at the top gemstones every woman should own, so you can integrate them into your everyday wardrobe!

Now, let’s explore some of ZYDO’s jewels to mix and match with fall’s fashion trends:

Sparkling Rings

One of fall’s emerging trends is embellished clothing. This means that the apparel itself often boasts sparkly buttons, rhinestone décolletage to emulate jewels, chain-link necklines, and similar adornments on sweaters, tops, skirts, and the like. 

Therefore, it’s probably best to focus on the areas of your body that aren’t already covered in bling – your fingers! Wearing lots of rings is an excellent way to complement your already decorated attire, and the bigger, the better. You can’t go wrong with a huge cocktail ring to draw attention from your outfit’s ornaments to the crown jewel on your hand.


You may like the rhinestones on your new sweater, but you’ll love the 7.03 cts of dazzling yellow and white diamonds in this flower-shaped, 18kt rose gold cocktail ring. We also recommend stacking different colored rings from ZYDO’s Stretch collection on some of your other fingers – both the stones and gold come in a variety reminiscent of a rainbow!

Classic and Chic Earrings

Another popular fall look is the skirt suit. This type of tailored design is described as dressing “like a boss.” It’s powerful yet restrained, but not at all frumpy. Skirt sets in fabrics like tweed, or decorated in fun floral prints will become staples for the working woman.

But don’t forget, this female powerhouse needs to accessorize her look with some of ZYDO’s classic yet chic pieces. The hoop earring has never let anyone down, and different plays on this timeless style add an extra chic element to dressing like a boss. ZYDO offers a wide variety of hoops, but one of our favorites are the 18kt white gold large hoop earrings

Showcasing 3.58 cts of white diamonds, these earrings are known for their inside out diamond look. And although large, they’re light – so they’re comfortable and wearable during a long day on the job.

Statement Necklaces

Lingerie-inspired apparel is an essential layering piece for fall 2020. Women are encouraged to wear silky camisoles, bustier tops, lacy bras, bodysuits, and sweetheart necklines under their jackets, blazers, or oversized cardigans. Mini dresses that hug your curves or include a corset are also popular options.

When the simple necklines of lingerie become a part of everyday attire, you can go BIG with your necklace, drawing attention to your neckpiece, collarbone, and sexy top. To do so, we’ve chosen one of ZYDO’s most impressive necklaces!

35.13 cts of marquise, pear, and round diamond are set in 18kt gold in this bedazzling and majestic adornment. Its elegant, powerful, and sparkly design will certainly complement your lingerie-inspired apparel, causing you to be the talk of the town!

Bountiful Bracelets

Asymmetrical sleeves and necklines will be all the rage in fall 2020. It’s a great way to show some skin. In some cases, one sleeve offers full coverage and the other is completely sleeveless, leaving plenty of room for adorning your arm with beautiful and fun bracelets!

To really show off your sleeveless arm, we recommend one of two options. Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with either one!

First, you can stack a bunch of ZYDO’s more delicate bracelets to give your wrist a fuller look and play around with ZYDO’s different styles, colors of gold, and stones. The exquisite gold bracelets with diamonds from ZYDO’s Dainty collection are only a small representation of ZYDO’s options!

Second, you can choose one of ZYDO’s unique gold bracelets with diamonds from its Spiral collection:

Vintage-inspired Rings

Victorian-era fashion is making a comeback this fall, so expect to see clothing with details such as ornate lace, billowing sleeves, frilly, high-neck tops, antique prints, and lots of ruffles.

ZYDO has the perfect jewelry to combine with a true vintage look. This exquisite diamond and emerald ring set in 18kt white gold guarantees to do your vintage outfit justice by adding a touch of antique inspired jewelry to complete your ensemble.

After exploring all of ZYDO’s sparkling jewelry options to combine with fall’s hottest trends, you’re ready to take your new looks to the next level and be the fashion sensation of the season! No matter your style , ZYDO is bound to have a unique design you are guaranteed to love and that will perfectly complement your choice of apparel.

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