ZYDO's Top Jewelry Style Tips You Must Know

ZYDO’s Top Jewelry Style Tips You Must Know

Looking for a new style this year? Do it the right way with ZYDO Italy. We’re here to help you shine in 2020 with our top jewelry styling tips!

We’ve all got luxurious pieces we’d love to wear without fear of overdoing it—or coming off predictable and bland. Harmonizing our favorite jewelry and outfits is not an easy task—but we’ve helped thousands of women for decades to look their glittering, elegant best!

Review our guide on jewelry styling fundamentals, and you’ll be ready to show off your favorite ZYDO diamonds anytime! 

Before you start, take a look at our guide to New 2020 Diamond Jewelry Trends

1. Who’s the star—the jewelry, or the outfit?

Who’s the protagonist in your drama? Your choice of accessory should begin with this question. 

For example, to highlight a stylish work outfit, an understated and elegant pair of White Gold Round Rosette Stud Earrings with Diamonds is the perfect option. To draw attention to a unique and dramatic piece, jewelry like this White Gold Wide Stretch Bracelet With Diamonds will play well with an outfit that lets it stand out, like a sleeveless gown or short-sleeved blouse! 

bracelet style tips

2. Have Fun Layering Jewelry

Want to do something new? Layer rings, necklaces, and bracelets! Layering lets you play with textures, shapes, colors, and sizes. For attention-getting bracelets, try blending compositions: mix bangles with chain bracelets and different colors of gemstones.

Necklaces play well together, too—mix lengths, styles, and widths. Some of our most celebrated necklaces blend complementary styles in a single piece, like this stunning White Gold Double Chain Necklace With Round And Fancy Cut Diamonds from ZYDO’s Mosaic Collection.  

Double Chain Necklace Styling Tips

3. The Forbidden Art of Alchemy

The right blend of metals or gemstones is magic—don’t be afraid to complement colors just like your favorite clothes.

Contrast materials, or pair complementary colors that echo your outfit! Or, go the other way: select jewelry with the color palette that reflects YOU today, and assemble your day outfit from there. 

The art of mixing and matching is elevated by pieces like this White and Rose Gold Ring with Fancy Cut Diamonds and a Ruby. White gold brings pure shine and luster and are heightened with the exotic flair of a rose gold-set ruby sharing the stage.

Style tips for diamond rings

4. Wear Solid-Color Tops To Highlight A Statement Piece

Color contrast rules supreme in 2020! Those versatile single-color tops in your wardrobe will highlight your favorite pieces of jewelry when you decide it’s time to let them take center stage.

For example, wear solid blue with this Stretch Ring with Diamonds and Orange Sapphires, and stand out from the crowd! 

jewelry style tips for bracelets

5. As Always… Stay True To Yourself

The ultimate rule at ZYDO is: there are no rules that cannot be broken! ZYDO women know their greatest beauty is their strength. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and glamorous. Your jewelry should reflect your inner shine, not the other way around—at all times, wear YOU.

Enjoy these ZYDO jewelry style tips for a new year with a new look celebrating you and your passion for fashion!

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